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Customer reviews


These definitely came in handy over the holidays with all the fun festive outfits I had! I love that they are reusable, so these will last me a long time!

Chris D. Griggs

These cutlets were the perfect answer to providing some 'moveable' cleavage to my sheer back wedding dress as an alternative to sewing padded cups directly into the dress.

Teresa E. Taylor

I have been wearing silicone adhesive bras for over a year, these are by far the most comfy form fitting ones I have ever used. I feel like i am bra-less, it does not feel like anything is on at all.

Patty D. Mitchell

Absolutely love this bra! I don’t ever wear a traditional bra anymore. These provide coverage, lift, and you can’t see them through your clothes. I’m on my 5th pair!

Verna R. Reitz

My wife bought two of these and loved them so much that she bought more. She says it feels like she’s not wearing a bra at all. On my end, it’s extremely sexy on her. She says they are amazing!!

David T. Bee