What bra that you can wear with a backless dress?

Did you know 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong kind of bra? Every woman is different so is their body type. Wearing the wrong type or size of bra is not only a fashion disaster but also can create health concerns.

Bras are not only fashion statements but are worn for a purpose. The purpose of a bra is to hold the breast in the correct position to support you throughout the day and give your body the perfect shape. Bra straps falling off or getting loose is one of the most common embarrassing issues faced by women. This is the very reason why should be very picky while choosing your bra brand.

Wear No Bra?

One of the most complicated tasks is to choose the correct bra for a backless dress. Backless dresses or tops are a great way to create a fashion statement. The only question that pops into every woman's mind is what to wear underneath? The first thing that you might think is to wear nothing at all, but if you are not only leaner side or your breasts needs support, you will definitely have to consider buying a bra for a backless dress. Also even if you are on the leaner side, you would need something to cover your nipples otherwise they might get visible over your dress if the fabric of the dress is thin.

Apply A Backless Bras 

Backless bras can be of different sizes & shapes and are available in different types. There are bras that are absolutely backless like the stick on ones or you can also choose convertible bras where you can attach an external strap just like normal bras. If you are not comfortable with wearing stick-on bras you can also choose the ones with transparent straps which will equally serve the purpose. Apart from these, you can also try wearing a corset / longline bra to provide the support required while wearing a backless top or dress.

While there are multiple online and offline bra and innerwear brands available in the market, very few actually provide high quality long lasting rightly shaped bras. Bra shopping can be very complicated if you do not know the correct size of your breasts. In that case, relying on a good brand is a must. Niidor is one such brand available online that offers a range of unique bras that can be worn with different types of dresses.

Bras according to your dress type

Here is the list of certain unique bra types that goes well with different types of dress:

Backless dress

Without the strap digging on the skin, an adhesive silicon-based bra is one of the best choices for your backless dress. Silicon-based adhesive bras stick on your skin giving you a fuller & invisible look even if you are wearing thin clothes. These silicon-based bars come in different shapes and cup sizes to meet the requirements of every woman.

Low cut dress

If you want to flaunt a little cleavage for your low-cut dress, you can go for low-cut bras. Plunge bras are low-cut bras that have a deep cut at the center to offer less coverage so that you can show off a little cleavage. Note that less coverage does not mean less support. You will get the optimum support required to get that flawless smooth look.

Spaghetti strap dress

For your spaghetti or strapless dress, a stick-on bra or a transparent strap bra goes best with the look.

Asymmetric dress

Asymmetric dresses are quite a fashion statement. But everyone cannot carry the look flawlessly. The reason is pretty obvious! You often end up thinking 'what shall I wear underneath?' Well, the best way to pull off the look is a reusable adhesive bra. You can choose both a silicon-based and fabric-based backless and strapless bra to go with the look.

Off-shoulder dresses

for off-shoulder dresses full cover adhesive bras are the best choice. It is not only going to provide you fuller coverage but also not make your breasts look sagged down.

Wide range of bras to go with backless outfits

Niidor is a brand that has done masters in creating the perfect bras for fashionable outfits. Adhesive bras are mainly of two types- silicon-based and fabric-based. Here is the list of Niidor adhesive bras and similar items that will compliment your backless look:

Niidor strapless Silicon Adhesive bras

These perfectly designed bras are made of 2 sticky cups that easily stick to the breasts without providing any discomfort. Though these are silicon-based, they are absolutely skin-friendly and pretty much breathable. While wearing the product you will feel as if it is just another layer of skin. This is a front-closed bra, therefore it creates a beautiful cleavage. Not only with a backless dress, but one can also wear it with other types of fashionable outfits as well.

The longevity of these bras is pretty on the higher side as they can be worn multiple times. This is one of the greatest advantages of choosing a renowned brand. The Niidor sticky bras offer strong stickiness and do not slip off the entire day. You can clasp or unclasp the bra easily with the front clip and can get a busty deep V-cut cleavage to complement with a different look. These bras are 100% washable.

The Niidor silicon-based bras come in different patterns. This includes wing style silicon bras, scalloped style silicon bras, silicon large nipple cover bars and lift up silicon adhesive pasties bras. Each of them serves a different purpose and is highly long-lasting.

Niidor fabric adhesive bras

Well if you are not quite a fan of silicon-based bras, you can also go for the fabric adhesive bras. The Niiodr fabric adhesive bras are lightweight bras made of skin-friendly lycra & foam. The inner cups of the bras are layered with silicone that helps to stick securely to the skin. Note that there is a non-sticky area for the areolas so you can wear them comfortably without hurting your areola

These bras have a front clasp that gives you the perfect cleavage to match up your dress look. Available in nude and black color, these bras can pull off different looks like backless, off-shoulder, halter spaghetti, low-cut, low-back, bridal etc. If you are looking for a non-stop solution that can go with multiple outfits, these pairs are the right choice. One can use it as a bra for a backless dress as well as a low-cut bra.

Some variations of Niidor fabric adhesive bras include lace push-up adhesive bras, breathable strapless and backless fabric bras and invisible push-up backless fabric bras.

Whether you want to get a full cover look or just looking for some extra cleavage look, this brand has everything a woman would dream of!

Nipple Covers

Also known as pasties these are specially designed covers that are meant to cover the areolas to give a flawless smooth look. Niidor offers a range of nipple covers that goes well with different body types. You can choose from both small fits (A to C) or Large fits (D+ )cups that can complement your look. The brand focuses on creating ultra-thin edges that blend smoothly on the skin and eliminates any sort of telltale ridges.

These are exclusively matte finishes that will not reflect any light through the clothing and lift your breasts perfectly giving your chest a much fuller look. These silicone-based nipple covers are ergonomically crafted to make you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. The best part about these nipple covers is they are highly portable. One can carry them in a handbag and use them whenever required. These are paper thin, so even if you have a long day ahead, you can wear them throughout with peace of mind. You will enjoy your day without worrying about your vital assets.

As the brand suggests if you take good care of these ground-breaking sets, you can use them up to 25 times. The long lasting adhesive gels won't do off even if you use mild detergent on them to wash.

Breast lift tape

Breast lift tapes are one of the most purpose-driven products that can change the life of women. If you want to feel nothing underneath your clothing yet looking for something that can hold the perfect shape of your breasts, you can definitely opt for Niidor’s 200% elastic boob tapes. The breast lifting tapes are made up of hypoallergenic material that leaves no trace on the skin whatsoever. It simply acts as a substitute for push-up bras without creating a trace on the skin.

While there are several brands selling breast lifting tapes, it is very important to consider a product that actually lasts long. Often if you go for cheaper breast lifting tapes, in the middle of the day the tapes fall down and start irritating the skin. Nothing can be more embarrassing than saggy breasts inside a fashionable outfit.

Niidor’s elastic boob tapes are not only long-lasting but allow a full range of motion without creating any discomfort while moving and also enhance any athletic performance. These are not only perfect for backless or strapless dresses but can also be worn under bridal dresses, t-shirts and other kinds of outfits.

The best part about these products is they come with breathable holes thereby reducing sweat and any sort of adhesive failure. The breast lift up tapes are highly multi-functional, you can wear them in different ways. Fun tip: you can also use them to protect your feet while wearing high heels!

What are the benefits of wearing adhesive backless bras?

While there are a lot of myths and rumors about adhesive backless bras, but the reality is adhesive bras provide a lot of benefits in terms of comfort, look and health.

Super Comfortable

As women we all know how difficult and painful it is to wear a pair of bras throughout the day. Adhesive bras are strong and flexible making them super comfortable to wear throughout the day. Just by sticking them on correctly, you can go flawless without worrying about the underwire and straps poking into the breasts or digging into the skin.

Flawless Finish

Both adhesive bras and boob lifting tapes give you a flawless and seamless look over your outfit. There are certain fashion outfits that cannot be pulled off with ordinary bras. No matter how hard you try or how expensive the bras are, they will be visible under certain outfits. Adhesive bras and tapes provide a smooth invisible look under your backless, low-cut or strapless dress.

Offers Better Lift

When compared to ordinary bras, adhesive bras offer a better push up breast lift. Even if you are using expensive push-up bras, adhesive bras will provide a better lift. Adhesive bras are designed in such a way that they perfectly lift the breast from both sides making your breasts look fuller and bigger.

Healthier Option

Yes you hear it right! Adhesive bras are not only worn to complement a backless dress but they also have certain health benefits. When you are wearing an alight push-up bra it does not provide breathability thereby preventing the breasts from draining a lymphatic fluid. Preventing your breasts from draining lymphatic fluid can cause severe health issues and even breast cancer in the future. Adhesive bras, on the other hand, are 100% elastic hence one does not need to worry about them too much tightening factor.

Highly Convenient

Well stick on bras or adhesive bras are super convenient to wear & remove and are absolutely portable. Just by sticking up the pair of wings on your breasts, you are good to go. Unlike ordinary bras where you have to struggle a lot to open the back straps, adhesive stick-on bras are even easier to peel them off.

Easy to Use

An adhesive stick-on bra for a backless dress is made up of soft light-weight material, making it easier for you to move freely. They will support your breast without making you feel that you are actually wearing something underneath. Also since they are super lightweight and foldable you can carry them in your handbag and use them or peel them off anytime you want.


Well there is a myth that adhesive backless bras are only meant for small cup-shaped women. But the truth is they are available in different sizes and shapes in order to meet the requirements of different body types. Starting from different sizes, coverage & colors, adhesive strapless bras can help to meet the requirement of every woman out there.

How to choose and use the perfect bra for your backless dress?

While choosing a backless bra online make sure you do not pick a too tight or too loose bra. Measure your cups all over the chest with tape and follow the size chart given on the website. Sometimes the size of your backless bra may vary from your regular bra size. SO it is recommended to measure your size every time you are buying back-less adhesive bras online. For boob lifting tapes you do not need to worry about the sizes.

While using your adhesive backless bra make sure you do not wear any lotion underneath. Since most adhesive bras are made of silicone material, it will slip off if you apply anything on your skin. Also, note that stick-on bras need to be taken care of correctly to use them multiple times. Always wash your bras with warm water and light detergent every time you wear them and also wipe your skin for removing dirt or sweat before sticking them on your skin.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have discussed about different types of backless bras that can cater to the needs of different body types. To carry a back-less dress elegantly is quite a nightmare and difficult task for women. Women often end up dreaming about wearing a sleek sexy backless dress just because they have nothing specific to wear underneath.

Wearing ordinary bras underneath results in quite a fashion disaster when you are considering wearing a backless or low-cut dress. This is where adhesive stick-on bras and covers comes to your savior. They are just a pair of inner garments to be worn underneath but they are actually empowering women to wear any outfit of their choice without the fear of outfit failure.

Brands like Niidor are offering high-quality silicon-based or fabric-based adhesive bra for backless dress at quite a reasonable rate. All the products are available both on the official website and on Amazon making them easily available for all women throughout the world. If you are a first-timer and are confused about which size or shape to pick, you can always check out the sizing helper to help you find the perfect fit as per your body. So what are you waiting for? Go check out the range of products available online and wear the beautiful back-less outfit of your dream without any hesitation!

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