How to Put on an Adhesive Bra: The Ultimate Guide

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It is estimated that around 80% of women regularly wear the wrong sized bra. Many do not realize that as well as discomfort, this can also cause health problems. If you suspect this applies to you, have you considered the benefits of an adhesive bra?

Many people are put off by the application though it is much easier than you may think. Read on as we give the essential guide on how to put on an adhesive bra. 

Wash Yourself

Any dirt or oils on your body during application could transfer to the bra. This is not what you want. Before you pick it up, wash your hands and chest thoroughly. 

wash yourself

On the day you wear the bra, avoid using any oils or moisturizers. Even sunscreens, makeup, and perfumes can stop them from getting a good grip. 

Moisture is the enemy of an adhesive bra. It will cause it to slip and prevent it from sticking. Make sure you have dried thoroughly before you begin.

Position the Bra

An adhesive bra needs a different positioning from a standard bra. You may need to experiment and move around for a little bit to get the look you desire. This will depend on your body shape and cup size. 

The more horizontal the bra is, the less lift and support it gives you. Therefore, you need to have the cup in a vertical position with the clips pointing downward. Without doing so, the boobs will be flattened. 

push up bra

If you want a fuller look, then position the cups further away from each other. This will bring the boobs together when the clips are closed, creating a plunging cleavage. 

How to Put On an Adhesive Bra

Now is the tricky part which involves sticking them to your body. A plastic protector will be covering the adhesive side of the cup. Hold one protector by the edge, then gently peel it upwards.

You will need this protector later, so don't throw it away. Peel off the second adhesive protector and put that safely aside as well. Reattaching them after use will protect the bra from accumulating dust and lint. 

When applying, the goal is to have the garment pressed against your skin. Take one cup and hold the sticky part towards your boob. Avoid placing it right at the bottom of your cup, but set it just a little upward from the bottom of your breast. 

Lift your boob upwards, lean forward slightly and begin sticking it from the bottom part towards the top. Smooth the cups onto your boob and make sure all the edges are stuck. 

Some types of bras may have a soft pad for the nipple. If they do ensure this fits over your aureola. Once stuck firm, you can follow the same procedure for the second cup. 

Connecting the Cups

When choosing a bra, you may find there are different types of fastenings. The most common is the clasp mechanism, but this may vary. 


The clasp will be similar to that which you get on a front connecting standard bra. They should attach at a 90-degree angle.

Take the left clip and hold it against the right one at a right angle to form an L shape. Slide the clips together then snap them into place. 


Some adhesive bras will already be attached at the front by a fabric bridge. In this case, they are not adjustable and you don't need to fasten them. This makes getting the right position vital. 


With a lace connector, a toggle should reside between the cups. All you need to do is pinch the drawstrings, moving the cups closer or further away. This can be a good way to get a variety of looks with the same bra. 

Without Connection

Some sticky bras have two separate cups that are not connected at all. In these instances, you need to ensure you get the same positioning on each boob. If not they could end up uneven, with one higher than another. 

Removing Cups

When removing a bra begin by unpeeling the cup from top to bottom. Do this gently and you don't need to be afraid of any discomfort. The adhesive is soft and should not leave any residue. 

Take the cups and rinse them. Don't use soap, as this may impact the adhesive. Water will suffice. 

Let them dry naturally as using a towel can cause lint and fluff to attach, rendering them useless. Reattach the adhesive covers then store the bra away somewhere safe so you can use them another time. 

Benefits of Adhesive Bras

There are several benefits of adhesive bras you may not get with standard-backed bras. They are always made of lightweight materials such as silicon and gentle fabrics. Perfect for a summer or evening outfit, they won't weigh you down. 

A lack of straps is also a huge bonus with many outfits. From casual to formal wear, straps can ruin the shape and look of an outfit. When you have an adhesive bra they become a thing of the past. 

Wearing and removing them is also much easier than people think. By following the steps above, you will have it perfected in no time. An adhesive bra will become as easy to take on and off as your everyday use ones. 

Comfort is also a hallmark of this bra. With no underwires or tight fastenings at the back, you won't feel digging and pulling. Instead, you will hardly notice that you are wearing a bra at all. 

Buying Quality Adhesive Bras

Now you know how to put on an adhesive bra you just need to try it out. Make sure you buy a quality product so that they last longer and offer more support. After a few practice sessions, it will be just as easy to apply as a normal bra. 

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