How To Enhance The Appearance Of Your Breast Size

First off, the bodies of all women, no matter how they look, are worthy of being celebrated. And what you feel you lack, may appear in excess to another woman! While comparison will do you no good, it's okay to want to make your gals pop out when the occasion calls for it. 

If you are looking for ways to make your boobs look bigger to accentuate your date-night outfit or to fit perfectly into that new lingerie you bought recently, you have reached the right place. Continue reading to learn about the different ways in which you can increase the appearance of your breasts.

make boobs look bigger with adhesive bra

Tips to make your breasts look bigger:

The good news is that despite you not having the D-cup naturally, you can avoid going under the knife or taking hormone-based medicines to enlarge the size of your girls. Selecting a perfectly-sized bra, adding some accessories, wearing make-up, improving your posture, eating healthy, and wearing well-fitted outfits can help transform the boob size. Find out more about these tricks in the following lines.

Change The Way You Dress:

It may come as a surprise to you but what you wear affects your chest visibility directly. To enhance the look of small boobs, opt for outfits that are tight-fitting. Such tightly fitted apparel assists with accentuating your chest that in turn, allow your breasts to stand out in the outfit you wear.


​Another method to bring your girls to attention is by donning shirts that have either logos or graphics placed over the chest region. Your boobs will become the point of focus and will appear bigger than usual. Maximize the effect by wearing a push-up bra underneath.


While it is advised not to wear horizontally-striped outfits because such apparel tends to give you a larger appearance. However, you can use such clothing to increase the looks of your breasts. The illusion created by horizontal stripes of your chest being larger and wider add to the enhanced breast look.

 dress that show your breast bigger

The Bra Game:

One important aspect of increasing the appearance of your small-sized breasts is knowing the tricks of wearing a bra. Here are some essential guidelines that will help you solve your breast-size problem:


Wear Only Well-Fitted Bra- A research conducted in 2008 revealed that among bra-wearing women, almost 80% had their size wrong. Only a bra that fits properly can provide maximum support and lift the breasts to ensure that their perky shape is maintained.


Make sure that you take the help of a professional to know the actual size of your bra on an annual basis. Also, find out the right shape of your breast from a professional. Bra types differ for every shape-round, saggy, or asymmetrical. What bra you purchase should be based on the bra shape you have.


Take a look at the following tips that can assist you with purchasing the most appropriate bra:


  • Opt for balconette bras that provide lift instead of squishing the boobs. This bra type provides the same lift that you get from a push-up bra but minus the squishing, which dramatically improves the appearance of cleavage and volume.


  • Bras with front-close also help with boosting the cleavage. A bra with a front-close feature that includes a molded cup' lowers the gap between the breasts, providing more cleavage and lift.


  • Alternatively, you can shop for bras with wide straps, underwire, full-cup coverage, and wider backband' if you want support for larger boobs.



Go For Double Bra- A good option to increase the boob volume is wearing two instead of one bra. This is a great trick when it comes to make your boobs look bigger because it can easily double up the cup size. To make this trick work, you will have to purchase a (preferably padded) bra that is smaller in size (but comfortable). Wear this bra first, and then put on a bra that is sized larger than your breasts.


However, the effect can be marred if your smaller bra is extremely tight because it will give the illusion of the shelf effect'. Therefore, you must ensure that the two bra sizes are not at extreme ends, and your secret will stay safe with you.


Opt For Bras That Magnify Your Cleavage- Each bra differs from the other, and you will come across a wide range of styles and types that can confuse you. Maybe you have already gone through a similar situation where the store's lingerie section has left you befuddled and overwhelmed. The following bra types will help you avoid such a situation in the future because they provide flattering looks in almost all types of bodies-


Sticky Bra- This bra type tends to push the breasts inwards if worn properly over the chest. Consider wearing a stick bra that includes padding (in-built) to give an additional boost to the breast volume.


 niidor sticky bras

Plunge Bra- The uniqueness of this bra type lies in the padding that it provides. Designed almost the same way as a push-up bra, it features a lower cut compared to a normal bra. It also pushes the breasts together in a gentle manner, making the cleavage stand out.


Push-Up Bra- A popular bra type, it efficiently gives a larger appearance to the boobs. Additionally, the cups are padded, which allows the breasts to push up in conjunction. Certain varieties have the ability to increase breast size up to 2 cups immediately.


Own A Silicone Adhesive Bra:

This bra type is unique because it is designed in breast shape, while the silicone adds ease and comfort during wear. They are highly efficient in increasing the boob-shape appearance without giving anything away. You will experience no discomfort when you stick them onto your body.


silicone adhesive bra niidor

Whether you are planning to fill in on the evening gown, sweater, prom dress, wedding dress, or any other outfit, these adhesive bras made from silicone stick in perfectly to accentuate your boobs.


The Tightening Trick:

One interesting trick to give small breasts a voluminous look is to tighten the straps as much as you can (of course, with room for breathing). You can consider crossing the straps or shortening them on the backside.


Another good way to tighten up the straps is by fastening them together using a paper clip or a safety pin. Doing this will give your boobs a fuller look by squishing and lifting them, which will give the illusion of bigger breasts.


Tape It Up:

Have you ever considered using tape to increase the size of your boobs? If you are thinking of alternatives to wearing a bra, then this could be a good idea to work on. Tape types that you are allowed to experiment with include sports tape, gaffer tape, and tapes that are designed specifically for breast-lifting. However, stay away from duct tape, and be careful while using gaffer tape because it might provide better hold but it also tends to irritate the skin.

lift up breast tape and push up nipple cover 

You can tape the boobs in these two ways:


Backless/strapless outfits- Measure the length of the underside of the breasts, moving from outside of one to another, and cut tape strips accordingly. Next, lift up the breast a little, beginning from underneath and moving across. Keep adding tape layers while moving upwards till such time you cover the breasts, making the nipples invisible.


Shirts and V-neck outfits- Measure the length from the shoulder's top part to the end of the breast, and cut out the tape strip accordingly. Next, lift up the breast up to the point you are comfortable with, and then paste from the bottom part to the top part. The first tape strip should be a bit away from the breast and based on your requirement, move inward while adding tape strips


Give Bra Insert A Try:

While it was common in the past to stuff the bra for added volume, the industry has evolved ever since. Today, you will come across several varieties of bra inserts, including ones made of fabric, gel, and silicone that cater specifically to increase the visibility of the cleavage distinctly. All you have to do is slip the insert inside the bra and your gals will be flattered in a way you have never seen before.


Consider Contouring:

Contouring is an effective and easy way to highlight and flatter the cleavage. If you have already worked on contouring the cheekbones to give your face a chiseled look, you will know how to work on the chest. The illusion that it creates by enhancing the look of the breasts, is worth your effort.


A good idea for contouring would be to consider creating shadows with a foundation that is at least two shades darker for outlining the collarbones and breasts. Next, you can highlight the breasts' top portion using a contour cream that is of a lighter shade. After this, blend these shades together.


Finally, use a setting powder to set your makeup. You can contour once again with the help of powder products rather than cream products.


Healthy Food For Increasing Breast Volume:

​Technological and scientific advancements have made it more convenient to opt for enlargements and surgeries on breasts. However, such procedures are high-priced and cannot be the first preference for all. You can, alternatively, consider eating proper food to increase the breast size naturally.


Generally, the size of a woman's breasts changes up to six times during her entire lifetime. Breasts mature fully post lactation. Most of these changes are based on genes, body weight, and lifestyle. Eating healthy food and proper exercising can help you achieve perkier, fuller breasts while enhancing their overall size.

 heathly food for boost your breast

What To Eat- The shape of your body is largely dependent on your diet. The size of breasts is subject to hormones known as progesterone and estrogen. Additionally, manganese and bromine are effective nutrients that can increase the level of hormone absorption through food items that you consume.


Consider consuming a well-balanced diet that includes progesterone, phytoestrogens, trace minerals, and manganese. Check out these food items that can help regulate the hormonal function in your body while making your breasts grow in size:


Fruits and greens- The nutrient content in green vegetables include phytoestrogens (natural). Such foods are also known to slow down the aging process. Consider adding broccoli, spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, watercress, bokchoy, cabbage, and microgreens to what you eat daily (3-4 servings). Among fruits, you can consume berries, apples, plums, cherries, and blueberries.


Milk- It contains the proper amount of reproductive hormones in levels that match your body, including progesterone, estrogen, and prolactin. All these hormones enhance fertility and make your breasts look bigger. These hormones additionally stimulate the flow of blood in your breasts.


You can also opt for dairy products like yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese in your daily diet. If you want to avoid dairy, opt for soy milk as a source of nutrition because it contains isoflavones that copy estrogen levels to add volume to the breast size. However, avoid overdoing anything, and consume these products in moderation.


Seafood- It is highly recommended that women who belong of reproductive ages should consume seafood as frequently as possible. Options in seafood include fatty fish, oysters, prawns, seaweed, and shellfish. These foods are loaded with manganese and Omega-3 that balance the hormonal function inside the human body. That is the reason why these foods are recommended for women seeking to increase their breast size.


Seeds and nuts- These foods not only come loaded with minerals and vitamins to improve the health of the brain and heart but can also provide you with good protein and fat that promotes the growth of breasts.


Seeds to consume include pumpkin, flaxseeds, and sunflower seeds that assist with stimulating and balancing the level of estrogen in your body. Nuts that you should consume include pecan, walnuts, peanuts, and cashew.


Lean meat- This type of meat is known to be healthy and beneficial for the human body. Lean meat can also effectively enhance the size of breasts because they are packed with healthy fat, healthy protein, and other nutrients for ensuring bigger breasts.


Healthy oils- You can opt for either olive or avocado oil to get bigger breasts within a few weeks. These oils contain healthy fat that helps with the development of the mammary glands. Be wise and use them in moderation for best results.


Chicken- The number of nutrients in chicken can easily speed up the level of estrogen in your body. Consider consuming chicken stock to your regular diet.


Posture Is Important:

Your posture impacts the look of your boobs in a significant way. There are many women who tend to slouch with their shoulders leaning forward. Consequently, the boobs give the illusion of a hollowing effect, making them appear smaller than they actually are. Posture is greatly affected by spending too much time on an office desk or chair, or because of sleeping badly.


You can improve your posture by glancing at the mirror while trying to remain straight as regularly as you can. This way the size of your breasts will start appearing bigger. Make sure that the shoulders are positioned back while the breasts are positioned outwards. This leads to an emphasis on the curves while making you appear more confident simultaneously.


Work It Out:

Trying to improve posture by glancing at the mirror regularly can be tough to achieve. That is why you must focus on training the muscles to remain in their position all through the day. Exercising can help you achieve this. There are several workouts available online that you can consider implementing to enhance the appearance of your boobs and improve your posture but consult your doctor before trying anything on your own.


work up to boost your breasts

And if you are looking to increase the volume of your breasts, think of getting a tinier waist. A small waist will naturally make the boobs appear larger. If you are already working out, consider adding core exercises (extra set) to the regimen because it will sculpt and tone the waist. There is no instant fix for a leaner waist, but you may opt for special girdles or shapewear to get a smaller sized waist.


Another great way to get an enhanced-boobs look is by owning long chains. A long necklace, especially if it is loaded with pendants or beads, will fall between the breasts naturally. This, in turn, will give the illusion of bigger breasts due to the way the necklace falls. Consider buying a heavy, long necklace with a pendant and pair it with what you wear. Not only will you appear chic, but your gals will also appear bigger in size without any effort.



What matters most is how confident you are, irrespective of what size your breasts are. Confidence can help you win any situation, no matter where you are or what you wear. All the above-mentioned tips can guide you to build an illusion but you must know that you are perfect in whatever you choose to wear. Inner beauty and confidence can come only from within, and no matter how big your breasts are if you are unhappy with yourself, it will show.

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