5 Benefits of Wearing a Wireless Bra

Did you know that there is a misconception that the brassiere was invented in 1914 by Mary Phelps Jacobs? In truth, women have been binding or supporting their breasts from ancient Greek times in various ways. The garment only became officially known as a brassiere on November 3rd, 1914, when Mary received a patent for it.

This isn't the only falsehood roaming about the blogosphere about breasts or bras. This article will clear up some untruths about wireless bras so everyone can enjoy wearing a wireless bra without fearing that their breasts are going to become less attractive or get less support if they wear one.

1. Breast Lymph Node Circulation Freed Up

The best thing about wearing wireless bras as opposed to wired ones is that the circulation in the lymph nodes in and around your breasts isn't restricted by wireless bras. There are lots of lymph nodes around your breasts and under your armpits, all of which could be constricted when you wear tight, uncomfortable, wired bras. 

That is dangerous because proper circulation and drainage through the lymph nodes are crucial for healthy breasts without cysts, lumps, or other unhealthy growths. This doesn't mean that if you wear wireless bras, you will never get breast cancer or other breast ailments like that. 

But it does mean that the possibility is greatly reduced, and it will also result in better blood supply and flow through your breasts. You will notice that a lot of the distress that is caused by improper blood supply due to wired bras will be negated or greatly reduced when you switch over to wireless bras. 

2. No Uncomfortable Pokey Wires

No matter how expensive your wired bra is, you will spend some uncomfortable moments dealing with pokey wires or the restrictive feeling that comes from wearing wired bras.

Also, most women aren't as careful about washing their bras as they should be. This results in wired bras that were the right shape and size when first purchased but start losing their structure after a few weeks or months of usage.

Of course, you should be hand washing your wired bras or using the delicate cycle. But if you aren't careful about that, you will end up with wired bras that have wires poking uncomfortably at your armpits, back, or breasts. 

It's not fun spending all your free time in the bathroom adjusting your bra, so it hurts you less.  

3. Relax and Sleep Better at Night

You know the feeling - you come back home after a long day at work, and the first thing you do is take your heels off, and the second is take your bra off. 

The satisfaction that comes from taking a wired bra off is beyond comparison. And that's why you will appreciate wearing a wireless bra even more.

With the soft cushioning that a wireless bra comes with, you won't feel like you need to take it off when you come back home. You could fall asleep in it without worries since it's not as constrictive as a wired bra. 

This way, you can relax and sleep better at night and also be more comfortable throughout the day. You might argue that you can easily remove your wired bra at night when you go to sleep. But a lot of women like having a bit of support even while they sleep, and if you are like that, then a wireless bra is the best solution for you. 

And it's even recommended that you should wear your bra at home for various reasons. 

4. Breathing Is Less Restricted

Wired bras can sometimes act like a guillotine around your chest. Some women even describe the feeling as akin to wearing a corset. 

If you are still wearing the wrong-sized bra (which a lot of women are), then you might feel like you are not able to take a full breath in. This is because your chest is essentially trapped by the wire cage of the bra.

Add to that the problem that most people don't breathe properly when they are sitting at a computer. They either forget to breathe or breathe shallowly (from the upper chest only, not from the abdomen, which is the right way to breathe).

This can create a situation where you spend all day long not taking proper breaths, creating a host of health problems over time. 

Why create problems unnecessarily, especially when there's an easy solution? You will notice that your breathing isn't as reduced or constricted when you wear a wireless bra, so you won't have to sigh regularly or take deeper breaths to compensate. 

5. Still Get Cushioning and Support

If you are worried that with a wireless bra on, you won't look as attractive, think again. Nowadays, the best wireless bras out there come in the most attractive styles, shapes, and colors, and they also have enough cushioning and support to keep your breasts healthy and happy.

The support in a wireless bra is located at the base of the bra strap, so you will always get the support you desire, even with a no-wire bra with padded cups. Also, if you are looking for wireless bras to wear with your business attire, there are lots of options to choose from. Wireless bras with silk accents, vivid colors, pastels, and more, are all waiting for you.

This way, you don't have to give up style or fashion for health. No compromises are necessary when it comes to purchasing the best wireless bra out there from Niidor.  

Wireless Bra, Supportive and Invisible

If you haven't tried a wireless bra yet, then you will be surprised at how comfortable they are. Also, you will notice that the level of support you receive from a wireless bra is highly effective, despite the lack of wires. 

Come check out our collection of invisible bras or wireless bras at Niidor. We want you to wear a bra that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident at the same time. It's time you saw the difference the best wireless bra makes.

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