How to Measure for A Bra That Fits

Nearly 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. While this means that your bra can look and feel uncomfortable, the wrong bra measurement could also mean problems for your health. 

But, how do you find a bra that fits?

In this article, we tell you how to find a bra size and get your cup measurement for our adhesive bras. Read on to keep your girls looking and feeling great!

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Start With a Traditional Bra

One of the easiest ways to learn how to find a bra size is by starting with one you already own. Even though a stick-on bra fits a little differently than a traditional bra, it's a great starting point for comparison.

Choose a bra that feels comfortable and fits well. There should be no gapping or pinching and the strap should lay flat across your back. Put the bra size in our Size Helper to find a bra that fits in our adhesive line.

Size Up

Since our adhesive bras don't rely on straps and backing to give you the lift you want, you'll need more support from the cups. That means that whatever your cup measurement is, plan to select one size larger.

Take Your Cup Measurement

If you don't have a traditional bra that fits well, you will have to find your bra measurement yourself. Since you don't have to worry about the circumference of your chest, just focus on the cup measurement.

To get an accurate fit, you need to measure all aspects of your breast. This includes the underbust as well as the way your breast naturally rests in different positions. Avoid wearing a bra while measuring for accurate results.

Snug Underbust

Your underbust is the area of your chest located under your breasts. Take a measuring tape, exhale, and tightly wrap it around the underbust area. Exhaling allows you to get the smallest possible measurement.

Standing Bust

For the standing bust measurement, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor and wrap it across the fullest part of your breast. This is usually across the center of your breast including the nipples. 

Hold the measuring tape tightly enough that it doesn't slip or leave a gap. However, don't pull it too tight. The tape shouldn't dig into your skin or cause your breasts to lay unnaturally. 

Leaning Bust

To take a leaning bust measurement, lean so that your chest is parallel to the ground. Your breasts should hang loosely with your nipples pointed toward the ground.

Take the cup measurement using the same tension as the bust measurement. Avoid holding the tape too loosely or too tightly. 

Lying Bust

Lay flat on your back for the final cup measurement. It's ok if your breasts hang to either side of your chest; allow them to lay naturally. Keep the tape as level as possible using the same tension as the previous two steps.

Enter Your Measurements

Take all of your measurements and enter them into our Size Helper tool to find your adhesive bra size. Be sure to measure in inches or convert them to inches before entering them into the calculator.

How to Tell If a Bra Size Is Correct

Now that you know how to find a bra size, you're probably wondering how to tell if your bra measurement is correct. Without having straps or a band to determine fit, it can be difficult to tell if you've chosen the right size.

With a traditional bra, straps or bands that hang loose or dig into your skin are indicators of an ill-fit. Adhesive bras are similar, but also require you to ask a few questions to determine fit. 

Is It Too Loose?

The adhesive material on our bras is designed to stick to your skin without damaging it. So while it will stick to your skin regardless of size, you should consider whether the fit is too loose. 

Our bras are designed to give you complete, sexy cleavage once on. If you find you're not getting the support or cleavage you expect, then your cup measurement may be too large. 

Does Your Skin Bulge?

Just because you get perfect cleavage and lift, it doesn't mean that your bra fits well. The next step in determining if you're wearing a bra that fits is to look for skin bulges. 

If your bra size is too small, it may pinch or leave harsh creases on your skin. The right fit will comprehensively cover the chest without squeezing it and causing spillage. 

Is It Comfortable?

Bras are known for giving women a boost in confidence, but not comfort. However, our lightweight sticky bras are both fashionable and comfortable when wearing the correct size. 

If you're experiencing any pinching, excessive tightness, or other types of discomfort, you may not have the correct bra measurement. 

How Does It Look Under Your Clothes?

The final test in finding a bra that fits is considering how it looks underneath your clothes. Your tops and dresses should sit flush with your skin with no harsh lines or bunching. 

The Importance of a Bra that Fits Correctly

Personal comfort is one of the biggest reasons why the right bra size is so important, but it's not the only reason. The right bra size looks better, prevents scarring, and can even keep you healthier.

Looks Better

Regardless of the type of bra you wear, an ill-fitting bra does nothing for your breasts or your body. A bra that's too big can make you appear frumpy and disheveled while a bra that's too tight can make you appear lumpy.

Prevents Scarring 

Long-term use of a bra that's too small can result in scarring. Wires and other hard materials dig into or pinch your skin leaving permanent tissue damage. These scars are still visible even if you switch to the correct size.

Keeps You Healthy

The wrong bra size can lead to health complications, especially if it's too small. They can cause poor posture, neck pain, back pain, bruising, and skin sores. Taking an accurate cup measurement can help prevent these.

Find a Bra That Fits

Avoid the complications associated with the wrong bra size by finding a bra that fits. Start with a comfortable bra you already own or get comfortable using a measuring tape and our Size Helper.

Once you have your cup measurement, you can start shopping our line of silicone adhesive bras



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