The Complete Guide on How to Clean Adhesive Bra

Did you know that your adhesive bra loses its stickiness if you don't clean it after every use?

No one wants to be at a party wearing their favorite strapless dress only to realize that their invisible bra is no longer doing its job. That's why it's important to learn how to clean an adhesive bra.

With a few easy steps, you'll increase the longevity of your bra and keep it sanitary all at the same time. Keep reading to learn everything you'll need to know!

What are the cleaning actions?

We recommend that you hand clean the sticky bras, and also please do not place them in the washing machine.

1️⃣: Wet the sticky side of the cup with warm water, then use light detergent or soap onto the mug surface area. You could acquire special detergents for sticky bras, too.

2️⃣: Gently rub the mug with a finger light bulb in a round activity.

❕ Do not use fingernails or sharp points to contact the bra in order to avoid any type of scrape to the cup surface.

3️⃣: Rinse off foam or any staying residue on the cup.

4️⃣: Carefully shake off the water staying on the bra mug.

5️⃣: Line completely dry in an amazing, dustless place. Avoid direct sunshine.

Please do not use a towel, hairdryer, or brush to completely dry.

The sticky side ought to be put in the opposite setting to avoid them sticking.

6️⃣: After the bra dries, reapply the plastic movie to avoid any type of dust accumulation.

Skip the Lotions and Creams

To start caring for a beautiful adhesive bra, begin with being mindful of your skin. Certain products interact with the stickiness of the bra and make it much more difficult to clean. 

do use cream

Lotions and other moisturizing creams leave a protective layer over your skin. This is true even when your skin feels dry to the touch.

When coated skin comes into contact with the adhesive bra, it rubs off onto the sticky adhesive. Longer contact means more residue gets onto the adhesive.

This residue harms the sticking quality of the adhesive and it's tricky to clean away once you take the bra off. It's better to skip out on lotions during the days you plan to wear your adhesive bra. At least skip putting lotion on the areas the adhesive touches!

Use Warm Water and Gentle Soap

When cleaning a sticky bra, you'll want to use two simple ingredients: warm water and gentle soap. Anything else may end up being too harsh for the adhesive and make it disintegrate.

washing with soap

Regular hand soap is a great choice for making sure your bra gets a good cleaning without being too rough on the material. The warm water breaks down any grime on the bra without causing damage. 

All you need is to use your hand to rub the soap into the bra. Rinse the bra with warm water again and give it a gentle shake to rid it of excess moisture.

Avoid Abrasives

When you want to give your bra a good cleaning, it often seems like a good idea to use something with more grit than your fingers. However, this is going to do damage to the bra. Not only will you take away the grime, but you'll also dig into the adhesive layer.

The next time you try putting it on for a night out on the town, the bra won't stick. There won't be enough adhesive left to stick to your skin.

Always remember that washing a sticky bra requires a gentle hand!

No Soaking

Soaking is another cleaning faux pas that'll end in a ruined bra. Soaking the bra in water will wear down the adhesive and might even cause the bra to lose its shape.

Soaking gives the water time to seep into the material. If left in water long enough, it could potentially lift the adhesive right off the bra.

no soaking

This is why it's important that you use only enough warm water to give the bra a rinse before and after you apply the soap.

Also, make sure that you don't let your water get too warm. If it's too hot for your hand, then it's too hot for the bra as well. When in doubt, use a much cooler temperature to make certain that you're not doing damage.

Allow to Air Dry

After cleaning an adhesive bra, it's tempting to use a towel to dry it off before you put it away. You never want to do this.

The fibers of the towel will end up sticking to the adhesive, undoing all of your cleaning efforts. Even a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth gives the same effect.

Natural art dry

Using something like a hairdryer to speed up the process is also a bad idea. The heat will ruin the adhesive similar to hot water.

Instead, the best thing to do is to let the bra air dry naturally. Put it in a place where no little hands or furry paws will mess with the adhesive while it dries. Make sure to set it with the adhesive side facing upwards.

Once it's dry, try to avoid touching the adhesive until it's time to put it on again. Every touch uses up a little bit more of that stickiness, resulting in a worse fit.

Store in a Sturdy Box

You always want to know that your bra will maintain its lovely shape while it's in storage. It's never a good feeling to put on a bra and notice that it doesn't fit right because it was stored in the wrong way.

You want to feel confident in your clothes and oddly-shaped cups are a sure way to ruin a good time.

adheisve bra

When it comes to storing an adhesive bra, find a sturdy box that'll protect it while it's not in use. Most times, the box in which the bra came in is a great choice. Otherwise, there are a variety of bra cases on the market that'll ensure nothing happens to the soft curves of your bra!

Double-Sided Tape for Quick Fixes

Sometimes it's not possible to give a sticky bra a good cleaning right away. Sometimes we're too stressed with other problems. Sometimes we're in the middle of a party or event and don't have time to do a thorough cleaning.

The best fix for this kind of situation is to keep double-sided tape in your purse whenever you plan to use an adhesive bra. This tape is a great way to keep the bra in place when the stickiness starts to decline in the middle of the day.

Double-sided tape is a subtle solution that others won't notice. It achieves a similar effect as the original bra adhesive until you have time and energy to give the bra a good cleaning!

Knowing How to Clean an Adhesive Bra Gives You Ultimate Freedom

By following this guide, you'll never need to worry about how to clean an adhesive bra again. It'll stay right where it's meant to, and you won't have unwanted straps ruining your favorite outfit.

With invisible bras, you'll have all the fashion freedom to wear whatever you want with ultimate confidence and style!

Looking to find a gorgeous adhesive bra? Our size converter is the best way to find your perfect fit for all your fashion needs!


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