8 Tips you need to know about stick on bra before buying

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What are Stick on Bras?

Stick on bras, also called bra extenders or stick on bras or compression bras, are bras without a band or straps that sticks to your breasts. They are made of very stretchable material, which expands to fit and then snaps into position. Stick on bras can be worn by most bust sizes, such as A-C cup and up to a size H cup. It is also good for those with a band in between the breasts or those who want to wear two bras at the same time. Stick on bras are great because they are so easy to use.

They are ideal for women looking for a bra without any discomfort. You do not have to worry about adjusting straps or wearing uncomfortable band. Stick on bras feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

It is a good way to cover up which can be good in the summer months. It is also good to give you more exposure when you feel daring and want to show off your breasts, while protecting them from any harm that they could get from the sun, water or cold air. Reusable is also a good feature, which is not much common for stick on bras. You can also wash them and reuse them once more.

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How does Stick on Bra Work?

Before you put your stick on bra or stick on bra extender, you need to ensure that the band size fits perfectly with your actual size. There are tons of stick on bra that comes in different sizes, so to ensure you get the right fit, measure your band size against the stick on bra that you want to buy. The band should be tight enough that you feel it when you lift and let go of it. It is also important to put your stick on bras correctly. Stick with the directions for adjusting and putting your stick on bras correctly before putting them onto your body.

Tips on Putting on Stick On Bra

1. Shower before putting on stick on bra

When putting on stick on bras, you must ensure nothing will be left hanging down. Wash your hands thoroughly in antibacterial soap and follow it with a good body lotion. Put moisturizer on your skin. Make sure you wash the skin of your breast with the same soap and lotion you used in washing your hands before placing the stick on bra to ensure there is no irritations or any bacteria that can be left by stick on bras. Sweat will cause irritations so it is advisable to put on the stick on bras after shower. Please do not put any lotion before putting on stick on bra. Make sure keeping your skin cool and dry.

2. Put up in front of a mirror

When putting on stick on bras you must watch the position and direction on which you will put the stick on bras. You will need a good posture when putting the stick on bras. Put your arms at your side, tilt and turn your breasts in different positions until you get the perfect fit. Make sure that the adhesive bra is correctly placed. Stick it up in front of a mirror to see whether it is the right position for you.

3. Use the correct size of the stick on bra

There are many stick on bras available, so to ensure you get exactly what you want and need, find the correct size of the stick on bras before placing your order. Stick with the writing at the back, which is a good indication of whether you will fit or not. If you follow this simple guide by using the correct size of one stick on bra and fit your breasts perfectly in it, then your chances are very high that other stick on bras will fit as well.

4. Keep it clean

You must ensure that your stick on bras are clean. You can use a little baby oil with a piece of tissue to get down to the base of the stick on bras. Use some body lotion to keep it smooth and soft, but not greasy. Ensure the adhesive is not damaged because if this happens, then the stick on bras will not work properly anymore.

5. Put on a dry skin

You must ensure that your body is properly dry when placing the stick on bras. If you have been sweating and wearing the stick on bras, then you can use a wet cloth to wipe it down. It should be completely dry before placing it on your body, which is not possible to do if you have just taken a shower.

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6. Check for any skin irritation or itching

Before putting stick on bras, you must check for any skin irritation or itching from the stick on bras. If you have any rashes on your skin, then it might be because of the stick on bras. Wearing it without checking and letting it stay for long hours might cause some serious skin irritation. If you find any irritations or itching from the stick on bras, STOP wearing it. Consult your doctor to ensure that whatever you wear is 100% safe to use and will not cause any skin or health damage.

7. Stretch a little before snapping in place

Before putting the stick on bras on your breasts, you must stretch the band a little to ensure it is loose. This will help to fit your breasts properly. You can pull and twist the band in different directions until it fits completely around your breasts. When you do this, it will be easy to snap it into place because of its elastic material.

8. Make sure you can breathe easily while wearing stick on bras

Another important thing to look at when putting on stick on bras is whether you can breathe freely while wearing it. If the stick on bras is too tight, then it will press onto your lungs, which is not good for you. You must check the size of the stick on bras before putting them on your chest and make sure you can breathe easily without any problems.

You can wear stick on bras with confidence when you follow the above points. Stick on bras will help to make your breasts look good and attractive. It will also offer you more freedom and give more exposure when wearing a bikini or swimming in the beach. If you have been looking for the perfect fit, stick with Niidor and get your stick on bra or stick on bras with confidence. We offer the best and affordable prices for our customers.

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    On thé package I got it warned against not wearing the bra for more than 6 hours at a time. Thank hat may be very hard to do, as I may be wearing a top with a low back where I don’t want straps in the back, and I am not necessarily going to want to change my top mid afternoon after wearing it 6 hours. Are all of the adhesive bras like this, or only certain ones?

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