Breast Lift Tape: The Best Way to Go Braless

Wearing deep neck cuts and backless dresses and tops are where ladies are at their sexiest. Wearing a bra under these garments can be comfortable but not wearing a bra is embarrassing. This is where boob tapes come to help.


Breast lift tapes are bra alternatives that give shapes and lifts even without wearing a bra. These are adhesive fabrics that come in colors that match every skin tone. It keeps the breasts looking full and pushed together to create cleavage and support the breasts on any clothing.


The adhesive used in breast lift tapes is designed for long contacts with skin making sure these are hypoallergenic and safe. Using these tapes can be a solution to prolonged wearing of bra which can be irritable or falling strapless bra.


How Does a Boob Lift Tape Work?


The skin adhesive usually comes in a five-meter length made of cotton, nylon, and acrylic. The material is made without containing latex and other possible irritants. The more adhesive strength the breast lift tape has, the better hold it can give. Once the breasts have been taped, it provides support and creates cleavage like how a bra does.


It is applied over the nipples to achieve the desired lift. Once the breasts are taped, they should be comfortable. These are also waterproof skin adhesives so they will not fall off easily if splashed with water.


With its adhesive strength, it can lift even large breasts. For first-time users, applying the tapes can be tricky. It goes better as soon as practiced.


How Is It Applied?


Application may vary on different types of clothing and how you wanted your breasts lifted. It is applied vertically to lift the breasts. For a strapless outfit, it is applied horizontally or across the lower part of the breasts. For smaller breasts, there is less tape needed for use.


Depending on the dress or top, it is taped to where the skin will be hidden. For plunging necklines, the tape is applied under the breasts up to the shoulders to give a lift and shape. It can also be used to create two cups for each breast.


Aside from giving the breasts a lift and shape, boob tapes can also be used as a binder to flatten the breasts. The tape should not be applied as a wrap-around since it may cause breathing restrictions and injury if applied tightly.


Since it is five meters long, the average use of the boob lift tape is five applications for larger breasts and fifteen for smaller busts.


Before the tape is applied, a patch test is recommended to know whether you have an allergic reaction to the product. Though these are latex-free, this process is done to make sure that it is safe for you to use.


It is used on dry skin to make it stick for a longer time. To make sure that there are no boob tapes visible once the dress is on, the excess tapes are easily cut and removed.


How To Remove The Tape


Most people think that removing the adhesive could be painful. Though it is stuck directly to the skin and nipples, removing the tape is easy since it can be peeled off after wearing it for a day. With the use of body oils, the tape can be soaked to remove. It is important not to use water for soaking since the tapes are waterproof and it will only stick more to the skin once applied with water.


Low-quality tapes can be harmful to the skin during removal. It may be messy and peel off some skin. The skin redness may also ve visible due to the removal of tiny hairs along with the tape.


Choosing The Right Breast Lift Tape


When choosing the best boob tape, there are some factors to consider such as color, length, softness, and hold.


The boob tape should match the same color as your skin tone. Bright boob tapes can be visible on dresses or thin textiles which may look awkward on dresses. If the dress is black, you may choose the black tape if you cannot find one that matches your skin color.


Choose something that is longer compared to other brands. It will give more useful than those with shorter lengths. It will save you more money since you do not have to buy the same product again.


With a lot of brands available in the market, all differ in softness. Choose something light and should feel like you are not wearing any boob tapes.


When you buy a breast lift tape, your goal is to uplift and hold the breasts for a longer period. That is why the strength of the adhesive to the skin should be considered as a priority reason which one to choose.


Benefits of Using a Boob Tape


It can be worn in any type of dress or clothing

When using a boob tape, you will be able to shape your breasts in any way that matches your clothing. Unlike wearing a bra, it will not only shape and lift but will also be invisible to any type of neckline.


It is comfortable without any sizes

Most of the time, only the sides of the breasts are taped. You do not need to think about your shoulders or back hurting because of bra straps. Sometimes, certain bras also hurt the breasts due to the underwires, which will not be present if you are using boob tapes.


No sizing needed

Using the wrong bra and cup size is very uncomfortable for every woman. It can also be difficult to find a size when your bust is very small or too large. If you are using a boob lift tape, you can shape your breasts any way you want without worrying if it fits perfectly or looks good as you wear the dress.


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