How to clean adhesive bra


Wondering how to clean adhesive bra? Great, because adhesive bras often lose their stickiness when not cleaned after every use. The last thing you want is your silicone bra slipping down to your belly in the middle of a date or party.

Plus, cleaning your adhesive bra is sanitary. Otherwise, it may start to feel gross after one or two wears, more so if you are prone to sweat. But even if you don’t sweat as often, it’s still healthy and hygienic to keep your sticky bra clean.


Can adhesive bras be washed?

Yes, you can wash an adhesive bra. In fact, the best way to clean a silicone bra is to wash it. The only difference with a normal bra is how you wash it.

While many normal bras are machine washable, adhesive bras are not. Rather, you want to hand wash your silicone bra with a gentle soap. More on how to clean silicone bra shortly.

So, how frequently should you wash an adhesive bra? Ideally, you’ll want to clean your sticky bra after every wear. Preferably as soon as you take it off, even if you don’t plan to wear it in the near future.

Like all other types of undergarments, sticky bras accumulate dirt, body oil, sweat and other forms of grime. If left unwashed, these substances can affect its stickiness. And that’s what increases the risk of your silicone bra falling mid-wear.

Worse yet, the dirt can lead to the growth of bacteria, which may result in skin irritations and diseases. If there’s something more serious than a falling adhesive bra, it’s definitely a disease-carrying bra. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you wash your adhesive bra after every wear, before storing it.


How to make adhesive bras sticky again

The easiest and most effective way on how to make adhesive bras sticky again is to wash them. Luckily, this is a simple and straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean adhesive bra:


Step 1: Wet the bra in warm water

Start by wetting the sticky side of your silicone bra in warm water. You don’t need to immerse the entire bra in the water just yet. Warm water is a great choice because it helps break down grime without damaging the bra.

Then apply a gentle soap or detergent. While regular hand soap does an excellent job, you can use any available special cleanser for delicate fabric. Alternatively, check with the bra manufacturer if there is a specific recommended detergent.


Step 2: Rub the adhesive cups

Using a finger, rub the sticky (and now wet) part of your adhesive bra. Use light, round motions to gently get rid of any grime from the adhesive surface.

Make sure to not use your fingernail(s) or any sharp objects to rub the bra. They may scrape the cup surface and damage it altogether.

Similarly, do not use abrasives of any kind no matter hos dirty you feel the bra is. Any gritty scrubbing will almost certainly ruin the adhesive and possibly the entire bra. Needless to say, that’s not how to clean silicone bra the proper way.

Once you’ve cleaned the adhesive part, you may now dip the entire bra in the warm soapy water. Again, use your fingers to lightly clean off any dirt from the other parts of the bra.


Step 3: Rinse off the bra

Using clean water (warm or cold), rinse off any residues of soap and grime from the adhesive bra. For an effective rinse, open your tap to let the water run and then hold the bra below the clean water.

Warm water will certainly do a better job. However, if you cleaned the bra properly in the previous steps, cold water will work just fine. The point here is to make sure there are no traces of dirt or soap. You can achieve this by gently pressing the cups so that they release and wash away loosened dirt and soap.


Step 4: Air dry

Drying is one of the most important steps when learning how to clean silicone bra. As is the case with washing, your method of drying will determine its stickiness and usable life.

With that in mind, the best way to dry an adhesive bra is to line it in a dry and dustless place. Make sure that the sticky sides face upwards and are far apart from each other. This will prevent them from sticking together.

The entire process should take anywhere between half a day and one day for the adhesive bra to dry completely. But of course, this depends on the prevailing climatic conditions.

Beyond that, here are other points to keep in mind when learning how to dry sticky bra:

  • Do not tap with a towel. Tapping the bra dry with a towel may ruin the silicone and affect its adhesive.
  • Air drying is your best bet. You may be tempted to use a brush or hairdryer to dry your adhesive bra. Both of these methods will weaken its adhesive and will only worsen your situation if you are trying to figure how to make a sticky bra sticky again.
  • Add a fan to the mix. If you are in a hurry to get the bra dry, consider using a fan. The gentle blow of air will help a great deal without causing damage to the stickiness.
  • Keep the bra away from direct sunlight. The sun may damage the silicone and affect the bra’s stickiness. The same applies to other sources of heat, such as radiators. Generally, you want your silicone bra as far away from heat as possible.
  • Hook it. Again, if you are in a rush, you may hook the adhesive bra on a hanger of towel rack. This will allow water to drip and speed up the drying process.


Step 5: Store

If you are not going to wear the adhesive bra as soon as it dries, then chances are you plan to store it. Start by reapplying the plastic sheet cover that it came with. This will prevent the adhesive surfaces from getting dirt and dust.

Do not store the silicone bra with other bras (or other clothes for that matter). It may stick on them and lose its adhesive nature in the process. In fact, the best way to keep the adhesive bra is to return it into the original packaging that it came in.

If you are not sure how to store sticky bras, check with the bra’s manufacturer for instructions. Usually, the best adhesive bra makers will provide user guides, including how to put on, how to clean, and how to store after every wash.


How many times can you use a sticky bra?

The stickiness of a silicone bra will wear over time. However, the best adhesive bra should offer anywhere between 30 and 40 wears. Needless to say, its lifespan will partly boil down to how well you care for it. This is where proper washing and storage come into play.

Besides, the durability of a sticky bra may also be determined by the brand and type you choose. For example, Niidor’s silicone and fabric adhesive bras are designed for uncountable wears as long as you choose the right size and maintain it well.

Not sure how to choose an adhesive bra for your bust size? Here’s a detailed guide to help you.

If you feel like your sticky bra just won’t stay in place even when it’s fairly new and despite your best efforts to maintain it well, you may want to look at how you wear it. In that regard, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Only stick your bra on your chest when it is properly dry. Traces of moisture may affect is adhesiveness.
  • Do not apply powder, moisturizer, creams, lotions, perfume or any type of oil on your bust area when wearing an adhesive bra. They may make it less sticky.
  • If push comes to shove, reinforce the stickiness of an adhesive bra with a subtle double-sided tape. Consider having this tape in your purse every time you step out with a sticky bra. You just never know what might happen. You might find yourself in a sweaty situation, which may lead to the weakening of your bra’s adhesive. In such a scenario, slapping a discreet tape might help keep the bra in place.


What to do if your adhesive bra is still not sticky

If you’ve learned how to clean adhesive bra and how to store it properly, then it should retain its stickiness more often than not. But naturally, this will fade with time. In case you find that its adhesive is worn too much to restore, it may be time to go shopping for a new pair of sticky bras.

Luckily, Niidor offers a wide range of adhesive bras to replace any that is no longer serving you. With options spanning from silicone to fabric adhesive bras, we have the perfect variety to match any backless dress that you may want to wear.

Whether you want to show some skin in a casual party or look chic for a date, there’s a Niidor adhesive bra for every occasion. Our size helper makes it easy for any lady to pick an adhesive bra that fits perfectly. Try a Niidor adhesive bra today for that sexy, classy look.

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