How to measure bust size

According to the latest research, many women wear the wrong bust size forming a greater percentage of about 90% of the total population of women. This was evidenced in the British women and is a challenge faced by almost all women globally. Most of them believe that measuring their bust size is a challenging task. However, measuring your bra size is a straightforward process that may not take much of your time to understand. This article focuses on how you can measure and record your bust size at home.


How do you know that you are wearing the Wrong Bra Size?


Before learning how to measure the size of your bra, it is important to first look at some common signs resulting from wearing the wrong bust size. When your bra size is not fitting you properly, many signs will let you know that you are not comfortable. Therefore, the bra will make you experience discomfort signs every time you wear it, including;

Your straps digging in or sometimes slipping off the bra

There will be increased tightness, especially around the ribcage

You will always experience pain in your shoulder or your back

The spillage and gaping cups

Formation of red indications that are sometimes painful, these indications always from where the straps were.


Can a Bra size change?


Yes, your bra size will always vary when you wear it frequently. Many factors will make your bra size vary. These factors mostly include loss or gain of your body weight, pregnancy, and the menstrual cycle. In addition, hormone fluctuations in the body can also lead to changes in your bra size. The rate of change of your bra size will also depend on its brand. For these reasons, knowing how to measure the size of your bra is very important. It will always help you overcome most of the challenges and discomforts that result from wearing the wrong bra size.


How to measure your bust size at home


Measuring your bust size only requires a tape measure with you and a notebook or even a piece of paper. You will use the piece of paper to note down your tape measure reading during the measurement process.


Step one: Measure the size of your band

Remove your bra and bring your tape. Make the tape measure move around your rib cage. The tape measure should firmly sit on top of the rib cage close to where the bra always sits. Ensure you pull the tape measure snug, then take the band measurement, most preferably in inches. Don't pull the tape measure too tight around your rib cage.


Step two: there is a number you are going to add to your measurement.

After taking your measurement in step one above, and your number is, let's say, 32, there is a certain number you will have to add to that measurement. Here is how it goes; If your measurement has resulted in an even number as your outcome, for instance, 32, you will add +4 to the number, giving you a band size of 32+4= 36. On the other hand, if your outcome is an odd number, for instance, 33, you will add +5; therefore, your band size number becomes 33+5= 38. Is it easy, right?


Step three: Measure the size of your cup

To measure the cup size, wrap the tape measure around your chess, touching the fullest parts, then note down the measurement in whole numbers. It is easy to measure one unit, which in this case, the measurement should be in inches.


Step four: Simple math, Make an easy subtraction of the two measurements in steps one and four above.

Now it’s time for math again, but this is simple you will like. Subtract the band size you measured and calculated in steps one and two from the bust measurement you have recorded in step three. For instance, in our case, the band size numbers we got after calculation was 36 for an even number and 38 for an odd number. Therefore, if your bust measurement is, let's say, 39, it will be 39-46= 3 inches or 39-39= 1 inch. Is it simple right?


If you encounter any challenge in taking the measurements, you can repeat these steps repeatedly until you come up with the most accurate value. You can also consider inviting your friend for assistance if the problems persist. It may take several attempts to learn how to take the measurements and calculate. But when you finally understand, you will muster it forever.


How do you know if your bra size fits your properly?


After understanding how to measure your bust size and learning some simple math, it's important to look at some signs that prove your bra fits you properly. These signs include;

When the loosest hook on your bra makes it feels secure.

When you wear your bra every time, it will begin losing its elasticity which always starts with the hook. If this hook is not secure, you will have to tighten it frequently to increase the lifespan of your bra.

When your straps don't dig in but feel perfectly fixed in their place.

Pulling the bra straps more than 100 times in a day may be embarrassing, right? However, If you tighten your band and the traps, you will overcome this problem as they will feel secure. However, don't tighten them too much that they start hurting you; it may make you feel uncomfortable again.

When there is some small space underneath your band

If you can slide your fingers underneath your band, that clearly indicates that the bra perfectly fits you. Such a bra is usually well snug that you can easily slide your finger under the band.




Wearing a bra that does not fit you properly may make you uncomfortable. This occurs when you find yourself in some embarrassing moments, such as pulling your straps every time. This might be worse in public or at an official meeting. However, you can overcome these challenges by learning the simple steps presented in this article on how to measure your bust size. Therefore, you need not take any disappointment from your bra anymore when you read this write-up.

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