Whatever you need to learn about adhesive bra - full overview

1. Exactly how does a sticky bra work?

Self-adhesive bras are brand-new style bras that might be strange to many women, however they were originated in 2002 by the brand name Nubra. Nearly a background of two decades!

When you hear self-adhesive bra, silicone bra, stick-on bra, sticky bra, you must recognize that these are just the same points. You need to not disregard words "adhesive" due to the fact that this sort of bra is layered with glue lining inside the bra mug, and the dampness is what makes it possible to adhere to your breast.

Sticky bras are normally unnoticeable, smooth. The majority of them are made without binding bands on the shoulder or at back, so a growing number of women become to delight in the flexibility and also comfort that new design bras bring.

A lot of females have tricky apparel that they do not recognize which type of bra to match with, such as off-shoulder, spaghetti, backless, halter, reduced cut, deep v, and so on. There is no question that adhesive bras are the issue solvers! One glue bra is great for numerous clothing.


2. Sorts of sticky bras


2.1 Sweat silicone

Skin-friendly silicone sticky bras indicate the material of the bra is all silicone, both within and outside.

For little busts, a silicone cup with high thickness is the best. This way make your breasts look bigger.

For big breasts, please stay clear of a thick silicone bra because that will make your breasts look bigger. Turn to light bra instead.

Compared with a sticky bra with external material, pure silicone bras are less breathable but a lot more helpful and constant.


2.2 Fun and Functional Fabric

Beyond the mug is constructed from material, which's an external material glue bra.

Compared with pure silicone bras, this kind of bra is extra lightweight, breathable, as well as comfy.

2.3 Breathable Is Beautiful

Some women whine that a glue bra with a fabric cup is still not breathable sufficient, so manufacturers create bras with openings in order to let boobs take a breath.

2.4 Nipple covers

Nipple covers have two kinds, one kind with pure silicone, the other with half fabric, and also half silicone. Fabric ones are more breathable than the silicone version.


3. Material


What glue do they make use of on a self silicone glue bra?


AB adhesive

It can be used 30-50 times when it is applied straight without being baked.

If being baked, it can be used 100 times.

The distinction in between abdominal muscle gel as well as medical-grade glue is that abdominal glue creates bubbles during application and it has humidity.


Medical grade adhesive

Medical quality silicone is the silicone used on a lot of sticky bras, as well as it doesn't include bubbles. Good clinical silicone doesn't fall off with sweat.



Super glue is stickier than organic glue, however it harms skin a lot more quickly if it doesn't have an unique design.

Super adhesive typically emits an unpleasant smell, yet organic glue does not. This is likewise exactly how you can distinguish between very adhesive as well as biological adhesive


Biological glue

Organic adhesive belongs to medical-grade glue. The greatest advantage of organic adhesive is that it absorbs sweat. Organic adhesive is sticky, yet it will not pull the skin. Good organic adhesive has a life-span of 3000 times around.


Exactly how to tell if a glue bra is made of top quality gel?

You can inform this from the product and also shades.

Low-quality sticky bras present shaded and also irregular shades, but premium ones have brilliant and also colors. This is because high-quality sticky bras are normally made from environmentally friendly organic glue with high purity of silicone. Premium bras are normally integrated, and they don't produce unpleasant colors or unsafe materials.


4. Find your bra size


Just how does adhesive bra sizing job?

Glue bras are selected by mug size like A, B, C, D, E, F, etc, as well as the mug dimension is based on your normal bra cup size.

It is suggested that you size 1-2 mug dimensions down to make sure that your busts are gathered well.

Niidor supplies a size assistant to aid you merely determine the adhesive bra size basing on your basic body size.

>>Size Helper 📐<<


5. Do they diminish? Will my adhesive bra diminish from sweat?

If you wear it right as well as company, after that it will not fall off. Nevertheless, the glue bras may fall off over the lowering of the adhesiveness.

The stickiness will be reduced when you sweat.


6. Is adhesive bra seamless as well as undetectable?


Sticky bras are seamless due to the fact that a lot of them are formed cups. They are undetectable because the majority of them remain in off-white shade.


7. Are they created small busts or large busts?


The majority of ladies with large boobs are reluctant to try adhesive bras, yet you can select one with 1-2 cup sizing down.

Silicone adhesive bras press little breasts up due to the fact that their mug is always thick, yet silicone bras do not fit huge breasts well since the bras will make boobs bigger.

For tiny breasts, virtually any kind of kind of adhesive bra is wonderful.

For large busts, silicone bras are not that excellent. You might select lightly padded silicone bras or bras with straps or side wings.


8. What dresses are they great for?

A great deal!

Sticky bras are undetectable under numerous garments like halter, spaghetti, off-shoulder, backless, or other challenging tops/dresses.

See the stars on the red carpeting? How do they use the backless/ off-shoulder outfit without showing bra out? The secret is the sticky bras.


9. Exactly how to put on?


For how long can you wear the bra?

We suggest that you wear the glue bra for much less than regarding 6-8 hrs.

It is not suggested to use an adhesive silicone bra for more than 8 hours as it can bring about skin irritability and also breakouts as the item is glued to your skin.


How to wear the bra?

Step 1: Tidy your upper body location

This step seems easy, however its relevance can't be neglected.

You need to gently clean your breast area with light soap and water to get rid of any kind of oil or residue remaining on your skin, after that make use of a soft towel to clean completely dry your skin.

Keep in mind:

Please do not apply any lotion, perfume, powder, oil, or any various other body treatment product prior to you use the bra as those things will certainly influence the stickiness of the bra.

Step 2: Separate both mugs, and also remove the plastic film on the bra.

Step 3: Turn the mug from top to bottom.

Step 4: Stand in a mirror, as well as lean forward for 45 degrees. Then setting sideways and point holds 45 levels downward. Lift the bra up, then smooth external.

Keep in mind:

If you want enhanced cleavage, placement away, which is more than 45 degrees downward.

Leave a 2-3 fingers range between the bra mug bottom line and breast profits.

Tip 5: Connect front closure

Step 6: Press the mugs to assure that the bra sticks on securely

How to get rid off?

Step 1: Loosen the front closure.

Step 2: Slowly peel off the bra off from top to bottom.

Keep in mind:

Do not pull or tear the bra off, peel off the bra carefully.

If you have problem removing the bra, try holding a cozy, wet towel over the area for a few minutes to soften the adhesive.


10. Will it create discomfort when you peel off the bra off?

The key point is to pick a high-grade glue bra. Good quality adhesive bras will not cause pain when you peel them off in the proper way.


11. When is the moment to get brand-new adhesive bras?

When the adhesive bra commonly falls off as well as no more stays with your skin, it's time to purchase a new one.


12. Care/ Laundry/ Storage space


When to wash the bra?

Sticky bras should be cleaned not long after each wear.


What are the washing actions?

We suggest that you hand wash the glue bras, as well as please do not place it in the cleaning maker.

Step 1: Damp the adhesive side of the cup with lukewarm water, after that apply moderate cleaning agent or soap onto the cup surface area. You could buy unique cleaning agents for sticky bras, too.

Step 2: Gently rub the mug with a finger bulb in a circular activity.

Keep in mind: Do not use fingernails or sharp points to call the bra to avoid any kind of scrape to the cup surface.

Step 3: Rinse off foam or any kind of staying deposit on the mug.

Step 4: Gently shake off the water staying on the bra cup.

Step 5: Line dry in a great, dustless area. Avoid direct sunshine.

Keep in mind: Please do not use a towel, hairdryer, or brush to dry.

The sticky side needs to be put in the contrary position to prevent them sticking.

Step 6: After the bra dries, reapply the plastic film to stop any dirt accumulation.



Store it in a storage bag/box for next use.

Please do not place the sticky bra along with garments or towels, or fibers will certainly stay with the bra.

Keep in mind:

* If something sticks on the bra cup, you may use your fingers to choose it out.

* Adhesive bras are not advised for women with delicate skin.

* If your breast area has injury, discomfort, rash, sunburn, please do not make use of the glue bra. If pain or rash shows up after you use the bra, stop utilizing it. If the discomfort still exists, please most likely to your medical professional for assistance.


13. The number of times can a sticky bra be used?


This relies on the level of treatment.

Great stick-on bras can be made use of 50-80 times around, while inferior ones can be used only a number of times.

Never ever leave your bra after an evening out and wash it the second day.

For the most make use of make certain you are not wearing lotions as well as creams on your bust location as this will reduce the efficiency of the glue bra.


14. Wellness effects


Substandard material on the sticky bra may trigger breakouts on the skin, yet top quality material will not.

As long as you respect the bra right, use it right, and also it's all excellent.

* Clean the bra not long after each wear.

* Do not put on a sticky bra for more than 8 hrs a day. Allow your boobs take a breath for some time.


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