Frontless backless strapless bra options for backless dresses

Got your eyes on a chic backless dress? Go ahead and get it. Just don’t forget to grab yourself a nice frontless backless strapless bra to match it.

Oftentimes the thing that prevents us ladies from wearing sexy, suggestive and strappy dresses is the (very real) fear of an “oopsie” moment. But if you have the right bra for your dress, you can comfortably show some skin while keeping the girls nicely tucked in place.

Here are some frontless backless strapless bras that you can wear with different types of backless dresses:


1. Best bra to wear with a low-back or spaghetti strap backless dress

A backless strapless bra is the obvious choice for a backless or spaghetti strap dress. That’s especially the case if you don’t want your bra straps to show.

Plus, a spaghetti dress already has straps of its own. There really isn’t any need to add more on your bra.


 Backless Dress Women's Spaghetti Strap Sexy Clubwear

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Luckily, silicone or adhesive bras (as they are also called) are designed to stick to your body without straps and still offer the support your breasts need.

The same is true if you are wearing other types of low-back dresses. You may find some with interesting cut outs at the back. Others resemble a backless tank top.

Cut Out Back Tops 

Image source: Fashion Lady


Whatever the case, a backless strapless bra will come in handy. But one thing to keep in mind is that if you are larger than a C-cup, chances are a normal silicone bra won’t be as supportive as you might want2. In which case, try a U-plunge backless strapless bra for large breasts.


Best backless strapless bra for low-back and spaghetti strap dresses

· Niidor Shell Cover Siliconee Adhesive Bra

This particular bra comes in nude, so you can wear it with pretty much any backless dress. More importantly, it’s strapless and backless, which basically makes it an invisible bra.





The fact that it’s made of silicone means that it’s super supportive. You can keep the girls in place without having to worry about the rashes and aches that come with bra straps.

Need a push-up version of this adhesive bra? Check out the Niidor Backless Push-Up bra.


· Fashion Forms backless strapless bra

Fashion Forms calls it a U plunge backless strapless bra for a reason. It creates a U-shape as it wraps around your bust.



Image source: Dillard’s


Designed for the well-endowed lady, this bra pushes up your breasts to enhance your cleavage. It does have a solid line of silicone adhesive at the top of each cup to ensure maximum support. That’s what makes it a great backless strapless bra for large breasts.


2. Best bra to wear with a twist or drape backless dress

You will want to go with a fabric adhesive bra for your twist or drape backless dress. Although these types of dresses still show some skin, it’s not as much as low-back and spaghetti dresses. So, wearing a breathable adhesive bra may be a better idea, especially if temperatures are on the higher side.



Twist Backless Top

Image source: Fashion Lady


One great feature of twist and drape dresses is that they cover most (if not all) your front and part of your back. For this reason, you can comfortably attach wings on your backless strapless bra for added support and comfort.


Best backless strapless bra for twist and drape dresses

· Niidor Fabric Adhesive Bra with Front Closure

Offered in black and nude, Niidor’s fabric adhesive bra connects in the middle to provide extra coverage and a bit of lift. It’s not entirely made of fabric; only the outer part is. You still get adhesive silicone in the inside of the cup to ensure that the bra stays in place.




Although this pair doesn’t come with adhesive wings, you can buy your wings separately and attach them. That will work best if your twist or drape dress doesn’t show a lot of side boob.


· Bras N Things Fabric Adhesive Cups

This bra comes as two cups that you can connect with front clips. It is completely backless and strapless, which makes it great for twist and drape dresses.



Image source: Bras N Things


The cups are made of perforated silicone and a fabric outer layer. Combined, these features make them lightweight and impressively breathable. You can wear them with adhesive wings if you want more support.

Pull the cups upwards to make it a lift-up bra. Then clip them together to make your cleavage more prominent.

If you don’t want the lift-up look, skip the part where you pull the cups upwards. Instead, just make sure that you wear them on the same level on each breast. Here’s a detailed guide on how to wear adhesive bras.


3. Best bra to wear with a low-cut or strappy dress

There are days when you are in the mood to show lots of skin and have little fabric on you. Those are the days you may opt for a low-cut, low-back dress or a totally strappy one. Either of the two will undoubtedly be quite revealing.




When you rock such minimal dresses, it’s usually almost impossible to wear a normal bra. But at the same time, you probably don’t want your girls to lay bare. That increases the risk of a nipple slip.

Rather than going completely uncovered, you can opt for adhesive invisible pasties. Because they are basically nipple covers, you can wear them with pretty much any type of outfit. That includes the most strappy dress or one with the lowest front cut.


Best pasties for low-cut and strappy dresses

· NIPPIES Adhesive Silicone Pasties

These adhesive nipple covers are quite popular, to say the least. They have over 24,000 frontless backless strapless bra reviews on Amazon, and an average rating of 4.7 stars.



Image source: Amazon


There’s a good reason for their popularity. Besides their thin and seamless construction that provides discreet coverage, they are made of medical-grade silicone that is safe to the skin.

Slap them on under any dress and chances are no one will notice that you are wearing them.


· Niidor Reusable Adhesive Silicone Nipples Covers

As is the case with all Niidor pasties, these adhesive nipple covers are thin and lightweight. Stick them on your breasts all day and you won’t even remember they are there. That’s actually the case because they are perforated, so there’s no risk of sweat and discomfort.




They feature medical-grade silicone that’s both eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic. You can wear them comfortably even if you have sensitive skin. And they are super sticky to prevent any risk of falling off.

You can get these in a small size (from cups A to C) or in a large size (from cups D onwards). This guide may help you determine your bust size and the best size bras and pasties for you (if you are unsure).


4. Best bra to wear with an X-back dress

X-backs are not entirely backless, but they do leave a huge part of your back exposed. They often have straps running in a kind of diagonal way to form an X (thus the name). This means you may ruin your look if you wear a normal bra and let its straps run vertical.




Depending on the back design of the dress, you can either opt for a backless strapless adhesive bra or you can go for a normal bra. The latter option is great if the dress’ straps can cover your bra straps. You would, therefore, need to crisscross the bra straps so that they follow the pattern of your dress.



Image source: AliExpress


Of course, having a full bra on means that your breasts will be fully supported. So, this is an option that many of us will gladly take. Just make sure to get a correctly fitting bra so that you don’t end up with pain in your neck, back and chest muscles.


Best bra for X-back dresses

· YBCG Push up Convertible Bra

Since it’s convertible, you can wear this bra in many different ways. For one, you can wear it as a full bra, complete with straps that either run straight or form an X.



Image source: Amazon


You can also remove the straps altogether and turn it into a backless bra. It has an underwire that provides support to your breasts when you remove the straps.

The only problem is that it’s only available in black. But since you are wearing a crisscross dress, you can always strap its straps for others that match the dress. After all, fashion is about being creative with what you have, right?


Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many different types and styles of backless dresses. Each type has a bra that can go well with it.

For example, if you are on the market for a backless strapless bra for wedding dress, then it would make sense to opt for a backless, strapless adhesive bra. That’s because many wedding gowns are essentially low-back or spaghetti strap in design.

Want to look at more bra options for backless dresses? Check out Niidor’s catalogue of adhesive bras and nipple covers.





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