The Best Wedding Undergarments for Your Wedding Dress

Before starting, congratulations on finally finding out the perfect partner for you. Planning your wedding day is like planning the biggest party of your life, there are so many things to take care of. And the biggest achievement of your wedding party is you find out the perfect wedding dress!


Finding a perfect wedding is a really big deal. We all have cried over a perfect wedding grown we have imagined throughout our life and finally, when you say 'Yes' to a wedding dress it's really a sigh of relief. The game is not over. The next big thing to focus on is to find out perfect wedding garments that can enhance the look of your wedding dress to the next level.


The best inner garment that can complement your wedding gown perfectly is a strapless backless bra. When you buy a backless or off-shoulder perfectly shaped wedding dress, you often have the fear of how to put it off without any wardrobe malfunction. Obviously, normal bras are never going to work well with a backless wedding dress. For special outfits, you need special undergarments as well.


Importance of choosing the right bra for your wedding dress


Wedding is the biggest day in a woman’s life. You can never go wrong with your wedding gown. As beauty comes from within similarly your confidence level to carry a dress perfectly like a pro also comes from wearing the right undergarment underneath the dress. A perfect wedding dress is a mostly backless or off shoulder and precisely slim fit in the lower part. To keep the lower part of your body in shape you can obviously use a good quality body shaper. Body shapers are easy to shop because it is just the size that matters here. Choosing a shaper one size lower than your actual size is the best way to shop for a perfect body shaper for your wedding dress. But the real hard part is to shop for the right strapless backless bra for your wedding dress.


Every woman has a unique body structure and different cup sizes. Though there are multiple brands selling backless bras, very few can provide quality bras that do not only serve the purpose but are super comfortable to wear. One such brand is Niidor. Niidor offers some of the best adhesive bras that can pull off your wedding dress look to the next level and that too without compromising on your comfort.


What is an adhesive bra?


If you are new to the term adhesive bra here's a quick look at what adhesive bras actually are. Also known as stick-on bras, adhesive bras are an amazing innovation of mankind that can be easily teamed with different fashionable outfit designs like backless, strapless, deep neck, split neck, off shoulder and halter neck outfits.


The Niidor adhesive bra is softer & more flexible providing you with the maximum comfort throughout the day. The best part is there is no underwire to hold the breasts that pokes into your skin. Therefore no matter what your shape is, or even if you have large breasts you can wear these adhesive bras without complaining about experiencing back pain.


Choosing the right bra for your wedding dress


Backless wedding dresses are quite a nightmare for most women. Often women find them frightening, but the reality is if you pick a reliable brand that offers great quality strapless backless bras you are all sorted for the big day.


Niidor, one of the most popular adhesive bra brands in the world offers some of the best quality adhesive bras, nipple covers and breast lift tapes that perfectly complement backless fashionable wedding outfits. Here are some of the best Niidor adhesive bras:


  • Silicon adhesive bra- The Niidor silicon adhesive backless bra is made up of 2 sticky cups that tend to smoothly stick to the breasts easily. The material is absolutely skin-friendly and there is no chance of getting any rashes even if you have sensitive skin. The front two cups are attached by a strong clip which helps the breast to hold tightly thereby creating a perfect cleavage under your wedding dress.


The only thing you need to take care of is to wash them properly with mild detergent or soap every time you wear them to maintain proper hygiene.


  • Wing style silicon bra- The Niidor wing style silicone bra is made up of 100 % eco-friendly, medical silicone material which is super easy to use & remove. If you have a low neck off-shoulder wedding dress, these wing style silicone bras are the best pick for you. Since these are super lightweight you can wear them comfortably throughout your wedding day without the fear of any strap showing off issue. The smooth & matter finish creates a seamless look on your wedding gown.
  • Scalloped shaped adhesive bra- Anther best pick from the list is the scalloped shaped adhesive bra. These pasties create a perfect V-shaped underneath your wedding dress providing a nice sexy cleavage to go well with the dress.
  • Nipple Covers- Well if you have a deep cut or off-shoulder wedding dress you can opt for nipple covers as they serve both the purpose and the look. Niidor’s silicon-based adhesive nipple covers are made with a no show-through design yet give you the fuller breast look.


These nipple covers are non-toxic and won’t dry your areolas. Therefore even if you have sensitive skin you can easily go for it. These nipple covers are perfect for those who do not want the constraints of a bra yet want something that can serve the purpose.


  • Fabric adhesive bras- Well Niidor has something for everybody. If you are not quite a fan of silicone material, you can also opt for fabric-based adhesive bras. There are a lot of designs and types of fabric adhesive bras that are made up of lycra & foam and give you a soft & breathable feel. However, the inner cup is made up of biological silicon making it absolutely skin-friendly. This strapless backless bra can go great with your backless wedding dress and sticks to your breasts firmly without falling off.


Things to look for in your bridal bra


While choosing a bra for your wedding dress you need to consider how long you will be wearing it and what coverage you need. Here is the main importance of a bridal bra:

  • A bridal should make you feel special.
  • It should improve the shape of your breasts and provide you with the extra cleavage required to pull off a strapless dress.
  • It should hold your breasts firmly without falling off.
  • It should be lightweight to allow you to move freely on your big day. There should be no poking into the skin kind of situation. Comfort throughout the day should be your ultimate goal.
  • And last but not the least, it should improve your posture thereby reducing back pain.


Your wedding bra should be well aligned with the overall silhouette and fit of your wedding gown. To start with you need to first buy your wedding dress to decide which type of inner wear will go best with your dress. Note that your whole outfit can be off-putting if your under garments are not fit. A perfectly designed bra can be worn on several other occasions, so while buying always choose a reputed brand.


As mentioned earlier, if you are planning to wear a backless, deep neck or strapless wedding outfit, the best bra that can serve the purpose is adhesive stick on bras. There will be no strap showing business here.


Maintaining your bridal bra to make them last longer


Your bridal bra is very special and you want them to last longer. To do so you need to pick reliable brands like Niidor. Niidor adhesive bra contains high-quality adhesives that can be used twenty to twenty-five times if maintained properly. Always wash the bras as per instructions provided by the brand to make them last longer.


Tips to choose the right adhesive bra for your wedding dress


Well, do you know 7 out of 10 women wear the wrong kind and shape of a bra without even knowing it? Also, most women are scared to opt for a halter neck or V-neck wedding gown just because they have nothing special to wear underneath. Gone are those days when you will have to sacrifice your wedding look or dream dress just because you do not have the right bra.

If traditional bras are acting as a barrier between you and your dream gown, consider wearing an adhesive strapless backless bra. But buying a new bra is filled with so many questions and queries. Here we will make the job easy for you.


As mentioned earlier, if you are planning to wear a backless, deep neck or strapless wedding outfit, the best bra that can serve the purpose is an adhesive stick on bras. There will be no strap showing business here. Okay so to start with, you need to consider your size, situation and support needs. Following are some steps you need to follow to buy the perfect adhesive backless bra for your wedding dress:


  • Take proper measurements- Note that adhesive backless bras are way different from regular bras in terms of both look and size. So even if you know your breast measurements, consider measuring your breasts once again before buying the bra. You can seek somebody's help to measure accurately. To measure the under bust size wrap the measuring tape all over the rib cage underneath the breasts. Next to find the leaning bust size wrap the measuring tape around the larger part of your breast& around the back.


Now repeat the process by lying down and standing upright to find outlying bust & standing bust measurements. Brands like Niidor provide a full-size chart to guide you through the process. Always consider checking the brand's own size chart.


  • Choosing the right material- Well if you are looking for an undetectable supportive solution go for silicone-based bras. These bras due to their smooth glossy texture almost feel like skin and therefore there is no see-through business. If you want that extra cleavage look, grab a silicon bra that has a strong front clasp to lift up your breasts perfectly.


If your wedding is scheduled in the summertime or in a hot climate, consider buying silicon bras as they don't absorb moisture like other materials. It will serve the purpose without making you sweat like hell!


Fabric-based adhesive bras- There are many women who do not prefer wearing silicone bras solely because of the silicone feel. For them, fabric adhesive bras are the best option. Though the inside part of the bra is silicon-based, the outer part is made of silk or other sheer textured fabrics giving you a perfect seamless look.


Breathable bras- If you are planning to dance with your soul mate and friends the entire night it's obvious you will get sweaty all over. Then consider buying breathable bras with small filters in them. With breathable bras, you can stay comfy and dry throughout the night without getting any sweat patches on your beautiful wedding dress.


Well if you are not the kind of person looking for a deep cleavage look yet want to wear a backless dress, you can consider wearing lift-up pasties that will just lift your breasts a little bit without creating any cleavage. As there is no clasp in the middle, you can easily pull off a deep neck r split neck dress without creating any unnecessary cleavage




Women deserve to feel supported and beautiful on their big day and what better can do the job than a perfect pair of strapless backless bras? Now that you know how to choose the perfect undergarment for your wedding day, what are you waiting for? Visit Niidor’s official website to shop from a wide range of products that will suit you perfectly! Niidor is available on as well.

Happy Shopping!

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