What Is a Nipple Cover?

After almost two solid years of working and schooling from home, a lot of women are wondering if they can really muster wearing a bra on a daily basis again. In fact, almost half of women reported getting used to going braless at least one day a week.

Is there a way to get the coverage you want without the straps and underwire? Is there finally a choice for women who can't stand strapless bras but want to show off their shoulders or a plunging neckline from time to time?  

The answer is here: the nipple cover. If you've never used nipple covers before or don't know how they work, you're in the right place.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about what a nipple cover is, how and when to use nipple covers, and how to choose the right nipple covers for you.


What Is a Nipple Cover?

A nipple cover is a piece of silicone, often round or flower-shaped, that covers the nipple instead of the entire breast. Because the silicone is adhesive, nipple covers don't require any straps or hooks to stay in place. 

Nipple covers are also sometimes referred to as nipple pasties, but use caution when purchasing products labeled "pasties." Some pasties are meant to be decorative rather than practical and will show through your clothing. 


How Do Nipple Covers Work?

As we mentioned earlier, nipple covers are typically made of silicone that is sticky enough to self-adhere to your skin. We recommend cleaning the nipple area to make sure that there is no oil or debris that will impact the adhesiveness of the cover. Then, press the nipple cover in place, making sure to cover the entire nipple while doing your best to center the cover on your breast.

Once you're ready to remove our nipple covers, all you have to do is peel them off gently. Do not yank them off, which could cause mild pain or damage to the silicone. Depending on the product and instructions, you can either cleanse the nipple covers with warm water and a mild soap or you can run them through a gentle washing cycle before reusing them countless times.


When to Opt for a Nipple Cover

If you're on the fence about whether or not you should purchase nipple covers of your own, we've got you covered. Let's take a quick look at some of the occasions when a nipple cover may be the right choice for your body and your outfit.

You Want Some Coverage Without the Bra

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of women have enjoyed the braless life of working from home. However, that doesn't mean that they feel comfortable going braless at work or out in the world. No matter your cup size, you may discover that when you go braless, your nipples are visible through your clothing.

Nipple covers hide nipples of all sizes, colors, and shapes. By wearing nipple covers, you won't have to worry that your friends or coworkers can see the outline of your nipples through your top.

You're Wearing a Strapless or Plunging Top

Maybe you prefer wearing a bra most of the time, but some of your clothing just doesn't look good with a bra. After all, even a traditional strapless bra goes all the way around your chest, making them a poor fit for backless dresses or plunging necklines.

Nipple covers work with just about any style of clothing. As long as your clothing covers the middle portion of your breast, your nipple covers won't peak out of your top the way that certain bras do. Now, you can unlock a whole new level of your wardrobe without worrying that you won't have the bra to go with it.

You Want to Go Braless Without the Chafing

While you may find bras terribly uncomfortable, there is another uncomfortable sensation to worry about when going braless: chafing. Nipples are very sensitive, and any amount of friction caused by clothing can cause what is often referred to as "runner's nipple." 

Chafing can leave your nipples sore and dry and in severe cases, chafing can even cause rashes or bleeding. That protective layer of silicone provided by a nipple cover will eliminate the friction caused by your clothing and allow you to go braless without the potential pain. (Keep in mind that nipple covers will not provide the support that you may need for vigorous exercise, but they're perfect for a day or night out on the town.)


Choosing a Nipple Cover

How can you choose the best nipple covers? For starters, think about your own needs. If you think that you'll be using nipple covers often, it makes sense to buy a pack of several reusable nipple covers. That way, you always have a clean pair handy. 

You should also seek high-quality materials like self-adhesive silicone. Some brands require multiple steps to adhere and remove the nipple cover from the breast, making them less convenient and potentially more troublesome to use. Our nipple covers are easy to use and don't come with a learning curve.

Finally, make sure to check online reviews. Pay attention to what other customers say about how well the nipple covers stay on in different environments, how easy they are to put on and take off, and how easy they are to reuse. Online reviews are great because they can protect you from buying a product that isn't built to last.


Shop the Best Nipple Covers Today

If you're looking for the best nipple cover on the market, consider our line of nipple covers here at NiiDor. We're proud to offer high-quality materials and a professional-grade product at an affordable price. It shouldn't cost a fortune to look and feel the way you've always wanted to!

Looking for other alternatives to the traditional bra? Shop our entire collection today and discover a world where wearing a bra doesn't have to limit the clothing you wear or the freedom you feel.

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