about us


Aitengtu (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in 2013, and the company focuses on marketing our quality products globally. After 7 years of development, it now has 6 brands worldwide for online sales and an Amazon store, including Loxoto, Ztacking, Shinymod, Niidor, Firesara, Kmminx, mainly sell women's clothing, sportswear, adhesive bra, children's penholders and electronic accessories series. Its customers cover more than 200 countries and regions around the world.


We select the most popular fashion styles for you from the clothing provided by quality clothing suppliers and hope that you will be surprised and satisfied with our bold and creative clothing. We will carefully choose the most popular clothing for you today to help you easily cope with various occasions, from gorgeous ball to carnival club, from leisure holidays to the office. Explore our online store for dresses, bikinis, and pants, as well as unique accessories to make your life brighter and more fun.