How Do You Wear A Bra With Your Dress When It Shows The Back

Ever faced the problem of revealing bra straps when you put your favorite backless dress on? Yes, right? Well 7 out of 10 women in general wear the wrong kind of bra. This article describes everything about how to wear a bra with your backless dress without your bra strap showing off.


When you got a perfect backless dress the first thing that pops in mind is how to pull it off? Here is how you can wear a bra with your dress when it shows the back:

  • Adhesive bras and nipple covers- The best bras that can go with such backless outfits is adhesive silicon or fabric bras. These are stick-on bras that have no straps.
  • Convertible bras- If you can’t buy a new set of bra, you can use your regular convertible bars, adjust them and wear them flawlessly with your backless dress.
  • Plunge bras- You can also try plunge bras with your backless dress.


If you are looking for adhesive silicon or fabric bras, you can blindly trust brands like Niidor. Hello and welcome to the world of Niidor! This is one of the most popular brands that make backless sports bras and adhesive bras for more than ten years. Niidor has a specialization in making nipple covers, adhesive bras, bra inserts, etc. Niidor dedicatedly offers the most comfortable and best strapless bras for every woman. Niidor believes that the more comfortable the lingerie, the more confident and relaxed a lady feels.


What is worse than trying to enjoy your life to the fullest and suddenly you get distracted by the reality that your bra is slipping southwards the belly button? We know right. Like other undergarments, the strapless bras that work for your best friend might be a tragedy for you. It entirely depends on the body type and preferences. Thanks to Niidor for its endless possibilities and options. Whether you are searching for a bra that provides good support, a seamless bra, a push-up bra, or even a bra of plunging style, you will find everything at Niidor.


What is a strapless bra and why do we need strapless bras?


Evident enough from the name itself, strapless bras are the kind of bras that does not have straps. These types of bras can be worn under your favorite off-shoulder, tube, or backless outfits.


Loose or ill-fitted strapless bras are the reason why most women have to make a run towards the washroom every now and then. The struggle of constantly trying to adjust the bra is nothing new to us ladies. The only solution that comes to our mind is to eff off the bra and go full braless. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with going braless, but sometimes it is not realistic, and that is why a good strapless bra is turning to become a wardrobe essential for every woman.


Although, strapless bras offer a lot of mobility and freedom but at the same time many hesitate in buying a strapless bra because these bras are considered less supportive as compared to the strap-on bras. But Niidor has multiple strapless options and all you need to do is to figure out the kind of support you need along with the perfect size. Follow these thumb rules and you will have the perfect bra for backless dress for big bust too.


How do you choose a strapless bra?


Even if you are well-versed with different bra styles, you might require a few tips on how to buy a strapless bra. We have jotted down a few for you.

  • Find the right grip: You should make sure to choose a bra that is completely secured with high quality silicon elastics. We all know that nobody wants to be a victim of accidental wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Find the right size: Choosing the correct sized bra is very essential, but it is more important for wearing strapless bras since they lack the support of bra straps. We need to make sure that the bra band doesn’t fall down and cause spillage.
  • Look for more hooks: Ladies with large bust sizes should stick to the strapless bras that have more hooks for greater stability. Bra for backless dress for big bust must have a broader band along with hooks of large size for a perfect fit.
  • Side boning: This is responsible for holding the bra’s fit and shape. So you should make sure that the side boning is sturdy and comfortable enough.


What are adhesive bras?


These are usually made of silicon and are strapless and backless that will stick to your breasts. Niidor adhesive bras will remain absolutely invisible underneath your clothes and at the same time will make your breasts look more full. A self-adhesive bra or a stick-on bra will contain adhesive cups that will give your breasts the correct support and will help in retaining the natural shape of your breasts. They do not come with the back strap or any hooks.


You can don your wedding dress, prom dress, or cocktail dress that has a low neckline or is backless. You do not have to compromise on comfort by using Niidor’s adhesive bras.


What are the top types of adhesive bras offered by Niidor?


1. Niidor adhesive fabric bra (Sticky bra):


Niidor backless and strapless stick-on bras are a combination of padded bras and nipple covers. This will provide you with the correct coverage and support needed to feel confident and sexy. This will give your breasts a natural lift and this stick-on bra will accentuate your figure under dresses and tops. Rejoice ladies! No straps will play peek-a-boo through your dresses.


It is simple to wear, as you just have to adhere the inner silicon cups to your breasts and the bra will keep everything in place correctly without any spillage or any hint of discomfort.


Niidor sticky bras are available in the cup sizes of A to F. Features of these bras are;

  • Backless and strapless
  • Maximum support
  • Moderate coverage with included nipple covers
  • A hundred percent seamless underneath clothes
  • The inner cup is made of silicon and the outer part is made of eighty percent nylon and twenty percent spandex
  • Crafted with a non-slip design
  • Different types of sticky bras are available on Niidor: Adhesive fabric bra with front closures, silicon adhesive strapless bra cups, push-up adhesive lace bra, stick-on silicon wing style bra, push-up sticky bra with breathable fabric, sticky bunny ear nipple covers, adhesive silicon lift-up pasties bra, large nipple cover silicon sticky bras, reusable nipple adhesive covers, backless fabric invisible adhesive bra, reusable invisible fabric sticky bras, mocha backless stick-on fabric bra, and nude fabric adhesive backless bra.


2. Boob tape:


These are Niidor’s breast lift sticky tapes. Niidor uses a hypoallergenic adhesive for its breast tapes. The adhesive leaves no sticky trace on the breasts after removing the boob tape and is very comfortable to wear. It is made of superior quality material so it would not irritate the skin or come off easily. Niidor makes sure you have an extraordinary experience by ensuring the adhesive is gentle on the skin (no red, itchy rashes).


The boob tape has great elasticity and can stretch two hundred percent. This will provide you with the utmost comfort, this enhances the activity of athletes and allows complete range of motion. These are appropriate for backless sport bra, halter tops, strapless dresses, and many more.


Niidor’s boob tape is ultra-thin and it gives an invisible and seamless finish to your dresses. Nobody would know that you’re wearing a boob tape. The tape consists of breathable holes which ensure comfortable wear for up to several hours (air will pass through the �hole design’ ensuring that you won’t sweat a lot causing the adhesive to fall off).



3. Nipple covers:


Niidor’s silicon nipple covers conceal the nipples in a cautious way. These are ideal for backless dresses. Simply stick the covers onto the nipples and they shall remain secure all day long. After your day is over, just peel them from your nipples and wash them with your hands (using mild detergent and warm water).


Features of the nipple covers are; nude shade helps it to blend with the skin color, medical-grade silicon is used, reusable (as many times you want), easy to wash (hand wash with mild detergent), and they are a hundred percent seamless or invisible, and it can be carried easily and effortlessly in your purse.



4. Adhesive silicon bras:


This gives your breasts a natural look and fit. This is a clip-and-stick bra that accentuates your figure under dresses and tops with no bra straps in sight. It is a party must-have lingerie that will allow you to be confident in backless gowns or low neck tops without ever compromising on breast support and coverage.


Niidor created these with premium-grade silicon material so there are no chances of discomfort or skin rashes. It has a seamless finish which makes it invisible beneath your outfits. Features of adhesive silicon bras are; backless and strapless, a hundred percent medical-grade silicon, an invisible clasp with plunge neck, medium coverage, non-slip design, totally seamless, and maximum support. They also have a wide range of cup sizes- A to G.


What are the benefits of Niidor’s strapless bra?


Niidor assures you to go strapless confidently! Here are the benefits of using Niidor’s strapless bras to boost your confidence.


  • No peeking bra straps hence no fashion disaster- say goodbye to unwanted straps constantly peeking from your dresses or tops.
  • Bid adieu to skin rashes- Niidor has taken utmost care of the quality of bras hence ladies with sensitive skin can easily wear the stick-ons without a second thought. Even wearing bras with straps for prolonged hours can cause skin irritation and itchiness and it also leads to unwanted, ugly marks on your shoulders. Niidor also uses a hundred percent medical-grade silicon material so that it is safe on the skin.
  • Relives back pain- Bras with back straps and shoulder straps can cause muscle strain. A strapless bra increases the bust lift and allows the shoulder muscles to relax without even losing the support. Fuller or bustier women will get the best benefit out of these strapless bras.
  • Easy maintenance and easy to wear- These can be hand washed very easily with the help of a mild detergent and warm water. These are reusable and wearing them is very easy and effortless. Strapless bras won’t dig into your skin and cause irritation and pain.
  • Perfect for deep neck dresses- This bra type is the ideal and staple for deep or plunging neckline tops and dresses as no peeking of straps will occur.
  • Good support- Do not worry about your bust’s support when it comes to Niidor strapless bras. These are seamlessly comfortable to wear and you do not have to compromise on the hold and support.
  • Availability- There is a myth that adhesive backless bras are only meant for women with a smaller cup size. But the truth is that they are available in various sizes and shapes in order to meet the requirements of different body types (XS to plus size). Starting from different sizes, coverage, and colors, adhesive strapless bras can help to meet the requirement of every woman.


How to you buy the best strapless bra?

Buying a perfect bra for your dress is not an easy job. Often ladies find it difficult to choose a perfect bra that can provide optimum support throughout the day. And when it comes to buying strapless bras, women often gets skeptical about it. Here are some tips so that you find your perfect strapless bra.


  • Invest in a brand that is reliable. Brands like Niidor does not only offer a wide range of backless adhesive bras but also maintains top-notch quality. There is something for every body-type, so even if your bust size is bigger, you will get a perfect fit for you.
  • You should check for a slide proof band in your bra (mainly made of silicon) so that it does not go down easily and continues to give you support for a longer time
  • Longline bras are appropriate for ladies with large breasts as these strapless bras give plenty of hold and support.
  • Look for side boning on the bras and extra hooks to make sure that your breasts stay in place (boning maintains the upliftment of the breasts and more hooks provide more support).


Rejoice, ladies! You can find all the above qualities in Niidor, your one-stop place for strapless bras.


  • Always measure your cup size (be in offline or online purchase). You can always measure your bust size by referring to the guidelines on the online website and then place your order. In this way, you can achieve a perfect fit. If you order an oversized or undersized cup then the whole bra will be ill-fitted and hence you will not get enough support for your breasts.


Tip- You should always look for one size small in case of the side bands and one size large in the cup size because the side bands are the only source of support for giving your breasts a snug fit.


Why you should choose Niidor?


Niidor intends to provide women, with the most comfortable and stylish strapless bras. Niidor bras are made with perfect body sculpting techniques and sophisticated tailoring methods which create the most beautiful and perfect proportion lines.


Niidor specializes in making adhesive bras with skin-friendly materials. You will find every possible cup size from smaller to larger busts.


Niidor also offers a thirty day money back policy (refund policy), secure payment methods, on-time delivery, easy tracking of the products, and a great customer support. International shipping is also provided by Niidor.


End note


Niidor tailors every strapless bra keeping in mind your comfort and safety. Niidor creates various strapless bra designs to suit your different occasions, sizes, and outfits. They are experts in the field of making strapless bras that will offer you a flawless look in a backless and strapless outfit. Their best-quality strapless bra gives you the perfect breast support even without any shoulder straps.


Niidor aims to inspire each woman and explore the different lingerie styles. They are capable of keeping up with the latest trends in strapless bras without compromising the quality and support.


I hope you have found every answer to your questions regarding strapless bras. After reading this article you will be quite familiar with strapless bra’s advantages and disadvantages (as if there are any). So, never stop yourself from donning a sexy, fashionable backless dress. A strapless bra can be the perfect solution for many of your wardrobe malfunctions.


Niidor strapless bras prevent the expansion of the bust area very effectively, make your breasts look fuller and wider, and also make your chest area look deeper. They stick very easily without any hassle, without causing any irritation or pain, do not fall off, and give a soft feeling. They are breathable, lightweight, and very comfortable.


So ladies, do not let the bra type spoil your outfit and occasion. Go strapless and carefree!

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