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Welcome & Join Our Ambassador Affiliate Program

We are looking for Niidor Ambassador program exclusively made for the best Beauty&Fashion related influencers in the industry on Instagram / Youtube / Pinterest / Others social media platforms because the benefits are unheard of in the industry PERIOD! 

Niidor Ambassador Benefit:

  • From 10% Upto 30% Commision
  • Free Hot Selling Niddor Bras
  • Personal Coupon Code From 15%-35%
  • Poterntially Be Featured in A Viral Ad
  • Priority Customer Support & Logistics. 

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  1. Get referral link/network link/coupon code from the dashboard.

  2. Share the link on social platforms/blog/website

  3. Customer orders at Niidor by your affiliate link or coupon code

  4. You earn the commissions of sales and get paid from Niidor

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Three Tiers. Three Levels of Rewards, all commission calculation excludes Shipping & Taxes.


Bronze Ambassador Program (Standard) 

  • 10% commission per sale  
  • 15% Discount on your orders   
  • Free products for promotions - MUST MEET THE REQUIREMENTS
  • Earn $80 of status commission to move to silver tier  

Silver Ambassador Program 

  • 15% commission per sale
  • 20% Discount on your orders 
  • Opportunities to be featured in our advertisements  
  • Additional opportunities for a FREE Sticky Bra monthly 
  • Earn $300 of status commission to move to gold tier  

Gold Ambassador Program

  • Lifetime Commissions on the customers you refer 
  • 20%-30% commission per sale 
  • 30% Discount on your orders 
  • 1 feature in our advertisements every month 
  • FREE early samples 
  • FREE Niidor Bras monthly

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1) Please update your Payout method on the Payment tab on Settings. If your payment detail is not specified, you will not be able to receive commissions payment.

2) Payments are made monthly if your balance meets the minimum threshold. Commission income is paid by Niidor.com Store Credit or PayPal approximately 10 days after the end of the month for which they are being paid. 


3) The minimum threshold of Paypal is $20, if we owe you less than $20, your commissions will be rolled into the next month’s total. Or you can choose Store Credit as your payment method to get fast payment.


4) Associates are not eligible for commission income from orders placed on their behalf, or by closely related parties. The Niidor.com Associates Program is an advertising program and is not intended to provide discounts on purchases. Our intent is to pay commission income when associates refer unrelated customers to Niidor.com.


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