Looking for Natural Rounded Breasts? Here are some hacks to try

Every woman has beautiful boobs. But if you prefer naturally rounded breast, you can give your assets the much-needed boost. Maybe you want a little bouncier chest or a more pronounced one. In this post, we’ll discuss some beauty hacks on how to get fuller boobs naturally.


How to change your breast shape naturally


The right bra will prevent your breasts from bouncing too much. If you play your cards right, you can give your assets the WOW factor. According to science, the right bra can make your boobs look bigger and perkier. The secret is choosing a proper size and style that matches your body type.


If your bra is too small, your assets will look smaller. On the other hand, if your bra is too large, your breasts will hang loosely. That said, you should ditch the idea that you have a specific bra size. Bra sizes are not standardized – one brand can fit you well, but another one might be off. A quick and easy way to fix things is to wear a push-up bra.


Other ways to get fuller boobs


Work that muscle


Chest exercises can impact your breast size. Just like any other strength training, you can tone your chest muscles. Some folks may be strong enough to grow their chest muscles and go up a bra size. Others increase the pectoral muscles that lie underneath the breasts. Regardless, your goal should be to create strong muscles where the breast tissue sits. Some of the exercises that can give your muscles a natural lift include:


Dumbbell pec fly


The pec fly is primarily a strength movement that helps to ease the tightness on your front shoulder and pec muscles. All you need is lightweight dumbbells. Simply lie on a bench, grab a set of dumbbells, and press the arms over the chest. Make sure you draw the ribs down the body to engage the core muscles. Next, lower the dumbbells in an arc position, and you’ll feel the stretch in the chest muscles. Then, squeeze your chest at the top of that movement. You can target two sets of 10 repetitions.




You can perform pushups everywhere and scale them to any level. Rather than start on a high plank position, you should maintain a strong line from knee to head. Take a high plank position with the wrists stacked under the shoulders and press the ground away from the palms.


Squeeze the glutes, quads, and core. Next, lower the body toward the floor and bend the elbows until the chest is about two inches from the floor. Exhale and push the body to the starting position.


This workout will give the pectoral muscles a nice workout. So, the next time you hit the gym, you should spare some time for pushups. For the best results, you can mix lateral and triceps pushups. If you don’t want bigger breasts, you can work on the muscle wall to create an illusion of bigger breasts.


Try doing bench presses


This is another great exercise that works on the pectoral muscles. All you need is some dumbbells that give heavy resistance. If you’re a beginner, you should focus on at least 7-12 pounds. Simply lie on a bench with your feet on the floor, hold the dumbbells outside the shoulders, and raise them in the air. Then, gently lower them to the sides – this mimics the movements of pushups while lying on the back. You should try three sets of 10 reps each.


Eat more cherries and raspberries


Cherries and raspberries are estrogen-rich foods – they can help you get bigger and bouncier breasts naturally. Apart from that, they promote red blood cell regeneration. While they won’t make your breasts perk up overnight, you’ll see the results in the long run. Be sure to eat real organic cherries. Avoid sweetened canned cherries as they contain added sweeteners.


Estrogen is a hormone responsible for increasing the size of the breasts, among other things. While your body can naturally produce it, cherries will increase the amount in moderation.


Push-ups (the easy way)


If you’re looking to flaunt your assets, a push-up bra is best your friend. Niidor push up bra gives your breasts instant cleavage and makes them one cup size bigger. It features super soft cup liners to minimize breast movement. In addition, it comes with padded inserts that follow the natural shape of the breasts. This means that it won’t dig into the chest tissue or chest bone. Unlike comparable brands, Niidor will support your assets from all angles.


Even better, the push-up bra features a skin-friendly silicone adhesive. This keeps your chest in a comfortable position, so you won’t worry that it will fall off. The stickiness does not cause any pain to the skin.


To complete your sexy cleavage, the bra comes with a deep V-design. You’ll not only show your beautiful chest curve but also become the focus of everyone. Not to mention, the cups cover the chest comprehensively without squeezing it. Niidor push up bra is lightweight and doesn’t sag.


Push up bra is the ideal linger for parties and special events – the rounded breast shape will make you look seductive. If you have bigger breasts, this bra tends to be more supportive. For the smaller chest, a push-up bra will give a more exaggerated look. You’ll not only uplift your breast but also create cleavage.


No matter the undergarment you wear, a push-up bra will give you the confidence that no other bra can give. It works seamlessly underneath your bodysuits or cocktail dresses. Keep in mind that a quality push up bra won’t wear you down or make your boobs oddly shaped. If you’re sure about the move, you can wear a push up bra under a shirt before buying it. You’ll be amazed at how much heft it can add to your chest.


Use essential oils


There’s a growing body of evidence that suggests that massaging your boobs with essential oils can tone and shape your breasts. They work by stimulating the fat tissues to give a dramatic effect. In addition, they accelerate the cell activation of your breasts, giving fuller and more beautiful boobs. Some of the essential oils you can use on your breasts every day are:


Coconut oil


It enhances overall breast health by strengthening tissues and getting rid of pregnancy stretch marks. Apart from that, the subtle scent of coconut oil calms the senses and balances hormones.


Almond oil


Almond oil has a rich nutritional profile that consists of vitamins and minerals. When applied to the breasts, the skin looks softer. Also, massaging your breasts with this oil makes them fuller.


Primrose oil


It effectively supplies nutrients to breast tissues, resulting in fuller and toned breasts. Primrose oil is rich in vitamin E, which helps to eliminate stretch marks. If internally taken, it supplies nutrients to breast tissues and balances hormones.


Lavender oil


Lavender oil guarantees a relaxing and calming effect when applied to breasts. When mixed with lavender oil, it firms up the skin.


Unlike other types of massage oils, essential oils have all the necessary nutrients to take care of skin conditions. Besides making the breasts firm, they tame several skin conditions and prevent stretch marks – it’s a win-win situation.


To ensure your breasts remain firm for longer, you should apply warm oil to the breasts and massage in a circular and upward motion. These oils work well after taking a shower. For the best results, you should massage your breasts for 20-30 minutes every day.


Contour your assets with makeup


While this may sound extreme for some folks, it will certainly do the magic. This trick will create an illusion of a bigger size. You can start by using your makeup - you need a few brush strokes. Just put on the outfit you plan to wear and tuck a tissue paper to prevent the makeup from getting into contact with your clothes. Then, apply a dark powder as you move towards the cleavage area.


Blend this color inward and outward as make a V-shape following the natural curve of the breasts. Use a lighter eye shadow, such as gold or peach, and then apply it to the top half of the breasts. Then, use a sponge to create a more natural and fuller look.


Use topical creams


Childbirth can take many moms on a roller coaster ride. Most of them complain of changes in breast shape. And once nursing is over, some complain their assets no longer look the same. Well, you don’t need surgical intervention to enhance your breasts. Why not try a natural method?


Topical creams can make your breasts firmer and fuller. The best ones contain potent herbs that enhance boob appearance. They work by stimulating the production of estrogen. If you’re looking for the best topicals, you should focus on those with natural ingredients like aloe or sheer butter.


Shoulders back, assets out


If you spend time slumped over the desk, you can push your breasts backward. This can further compromise the appearance of your breasts. Do you get the picture? When you maintain an upright posture with your shoulder back, you thrust the chest outwards. This explains why medical professionals recommend that you keep the spine straight with the arms on the sides.


If you have a strong core, your shoulder won’t pronate but instead, fall back. This pushes your breasts out and makes them look bigger. Let the weight sit on the balls of your feet.


When you avoid slouching, your boobs look bigger and perkier. Your breasts will thank you.


Get a breast lift tape


It’s estimated that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size. Ask any bra fitter- most women leave the shop with a different size than the one they came wearing. Why is it so common to get the wrong size? As it turns out, a couple of things can make this happen.


I must admit, bra sizing is a bit confusing. Unfortunately, this is not something we learn at school. Apart from that, most stores don’t offer a variety of sizes. What does this mean? If you walk to a store, you’ll notice that most brands are in the 32-38 A-D range. Off course, you’re wearing the wrong size if all you see are A-D cups.


Another problem is wearing a band that is too big. This is a common issue if the store allows women to try different sizes only to realize the band is too small.


There’s also some stigma surrounding large breast cup sizes. Since A-D is considered the `normal’ size, anything higher than that sounds abnormal. Don’t be shy to ask for F, G, or J cups. You don’t have to tell anyone what is written on the label if you don’t want to.


The truth is, that wearing a small bra can flatten your chest. But again, if it’s too big, it won’t give your assets proper support. Well, you don’t have to go through that – the Niidor breast lift up tape is all you need.


Whether you have A-Cup or DD-Cup, a lift tape can give you the cleavage you desire. It’s made of hypoallergenic adhesive that leaves no trace on the skin. Best of all, it doesn’t irritate the body or cause itchy red rashes. In terms of comfort, this tape will exceed your expectation. It won’t fall off after sweating, thanks to the breathable fabric.


If you have big boobs and you want to lift them naturally, all you need is a lift tape. If you want to make it invisible, you can trim it, giving you the confidence you need. And depending on your needs, you can choose black, brown, nude, black hole, or nude-hole colors.


Whether you wear a halter top, t-shirt, wedding gown, or a backless/strapless dress, Niidor breast lift tape will give over 200% range of motion. It’s time you escape those uncomfortable straps and free your body.


Wrap up


There you have it. Now you know how to change your breast shape naturally. The above hacks won’t give you lasting results if you’re not consistent. If you want to flaunt your breasts and bring out the WOW factor, you need a Niidor Push Up Bra. It’s designed to lift the breast tissues and give the appearance of fuller breasts. On the other hand, if you want to give your rounded breasts a little push and achieve the cleavage you desire, you should invest in a Niidor Breast Lift Up Tape.


You can now have perfectly shaped boobs you can flaunt off.


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