How to get fuller boobs the natural way?

There are plenty of women who choose natural methods to attain fuller boobs rather than opting for extreme methods like surgery. Although the results could be subtle, if you remain consistent and have a bit of patience, you can experience positive outcomes.


There is no denying that the size of boobs is a combination of a few factors such as body weight, lifestyle, and genetics. Besides, there is no magic formula to increase a cup size. However, toning chest muscles can improve your boobs and make them look perkier.


Moreover, moisturizing and massaging them regularly keeps them supple and soft. In addition, certain herbs and foods are effective for boob growth. While you can always make your boobs fuller by choosing a high-quality adheisve push up bra, it is good to check out other options.


Therefore, if you are struggling with how to get fuller boobs naturally, read on to find out more.


Get fuller boobs the natural way:


Not every woman is blessed with fuller breasts. However, with certain beauty hacks in a natural way, you can give a much-needed boost to your boobs. While you can always buy the best push up bralette from a reliable vendor, there is no harm to know other ways to improve your cup size.


Here are some ways to improve your breast size.


1. Exercise


Certain breast improvement exercises help your boobs increase their size. In general, it is the size of the muscles under your boobs that increases. As a result, they make the breasts appear bigger. However, exercise doesn’t grow your boobs or increase the cup size.


Instead, they give you the illusion that the breasts have become bigger than they are in reality. If you are looking to enhance the shape of your boobs and make them fuller, stick to exercises such as chest dips, dumbbell flys, and pushups.


These are the three exercises that you can do with ease. Also, they are the most effective ones. When you tone and strengthen the breast muscles, it results in boob perkiness.


The above-mentioned workouts boost the pectoral muscles and give them a natural, firm fit.


2. Yoga


When it comes to building core muscles or leg muscles, yoga is quite effective. However, it might surprise you but yoga is equally effective in helping your breasts to develop. The muscles that support your boobs strengthen and become toned from yoga poses.


The Bhujangasana, otherwise called the cobra pose is very effective in making your boobs fuller. Repeat around ten times a day to get impressive results. The camel pose or the Ustrasana is another yoga pose that you can do for improving your boob's size.


Otherwise called the double-angle pose, the Dwikonasan is one of the best yoga poses for big breasts. With this ancient form of art, you can rest assured that your boobs would look fuller.


3. Have estrogenic foods


Certain foods have estrogen content in higher amounts that help your boobs appear fuller. Different types of food such as nuts, fruits, and milk products aid in breast development to some extent. Consuming milk products rich in fat improves the boob size.


Nuts have monounsaturated fats that are important for building breast tissue. Fruits like papaya help increase breast size and can make them fuller. Other estrogen-rich foods include legumes, soybean, sunflower seeds, eggs, vegetables, anise seeds, sesame seeds, and flax seeds. Therefore, eat them in sufficient amounts regularly.


4. Make use of essential oils


There is no denying that messaging is one of the effective ways to make your boobs look fuller. Women have used essential oils for centuries on their breasts to make them bigger. Hence, choose natural lotions or oils and massage them on your boobs to create a long-lasting impression.


Massaging your breasts with essential oils helps stimulate fatty tissues and helps to tone the boobs naturally. People who are more into messaging their breasts to attain good size advocate for certain types of essential oils.


These might include sage, lemongrass, and fennel alongside shear, jojoba, or geranium base. This combo gives your boobs the right lift and makes them firm. Besides, you can have impressive results when you combine messaging with the exercise mentioned above.


It is good to start with about 100 circular motions per day on your breasts until it becomes a habit. All you have to do is take out 10 to 15 minutes from your hectic schedule and make it worthwhile.


5. Consider using breast-enhancing herbs


As the term suggests, breast-enhancement herbs are plant supplements that you can take to improve the present condition of your breasts by making them bigger in a natural way. PLant and herb supplements are proven ways to improve breast growth.


Besides, they are readily available at almost every natural healing store and online store as well. Although there have been a few instances where breast-enhancing herbs produced amazing results, none of them are scientifically proven through clinical trials.


Therefore, you can find a lot of enhancement lotions or creams for busts available on the market. But make sure that you conduct thorough research. The herbs stimulate skin tissues inside the mammary glands that jumpstart the growing process of the tissues.


A combination of plants, herbs, and other ingredients works similarly to estrogen resulting in your body reacting in the same way during pregnancy or puberty. So, whenever you are looking to buy these kinds of creams or lotions, make sure that the ingredients constitute kava kava, oat fiber, Pueraria Mirifica, Mexican wild yams, blessed thistle, and don quia.


6. Massage your breasts


When you massage your boobs the right way with a definite technique, it becomes possible to cause little breast growth. Giving yourself a massage daily help improve the tissues in your boobs. That way, they can grow fuller.


All you have to do is place both of your hands on your boobs and rub them inwards using a circular motion. You should be gentle on your breasts, yet firm. Make one hand go clockwise whereas the other one moves counterclockwise.


Massage them for about two minutes. However, your boobs won’t become big overnight. But when you give them constant massages, it is sure that they would lift over a certain period.


7. Don’t forget about protein intake


Having an adequate amount of protein in your diet is another great way to make your boobs fuller naturally. Alongside helping your body to handle daily activities including overall growth, protein plays an important role in boob growth as well.


As you know, protein repairs and creates new tissues and cells. Also, it includes creating breast tissue. In addition, protein is an integral part when it comes to producing important hormones like human growth hormone.


As such, it enhances breast growth significantly. Therefore, get your full dose of protein from foods such as chicken, eggs, quinoa, soy, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, salmon, and red meat.


8. Swimming


If you are looking for more ways to make your boos fuller naturally, you can consider swimming. It is another best exercise that you can do to enhance your breasts. During swimming, the pectoral muscles hit against the water.


As such, it creates a suitable condition for the breast tissue to grow slightly. Swimming allows your breast tissues to grow and make your boobs perkier. So, check out the timings for open swimming sessions at a fitness center near you or head to the beach.


9. Work on your posture


Getting fuller boobs can’t get easier and simpler than this one. Every woman wanting to get bigger boobs should understand that posture plays an important role when it comes to improving breast size.


Not many women are aware that posture makes a great difference. Sitting, walking, or even standing with good posture will undoubtedly make your boobs appear to look perkier and bigger. You may have seen many women living their lives with bad posture.


But you can boost how your breasts look instantly by standing straight while drawing your shoulders back. The best part is that you can slightly push your chest and make the overall appearance look stunning.


10. Consider weight gain


As you know, breasts are primarily made up of fatty connective tissues. Hence, they are similar to the remaining fatty tissues that your body has. But when your body loses weight, the fatty tissues eventually lose as well.


Therefore, if you have a thin body structure and small breasts, you may consider putting in some extra weight in the form of fat to help your boobs become bigger. While this method seems overwhelming, you should know something important.


Not all women have the same weight and they carry them differently. Some women gain weight in their bellies whereas some gain weight in their thighs. Because the weight gain could be anywhere before they start gaining around your breasts, think twice before taking the plunge.


Bra options to choose from for fuller boobs:


Although you have got several options to choose from when it comes to making your boobs look bigger, there is another great way to get fuller boobs without sweating. Welcome to the impressive world of push up bralette.


If you are looking for that extra volume that includes padding, push-up bras, and lift-up tapes are the right products for you. Not only do they provide the perfect coverage for your boobs, but also they lift them effectively.


Therefore, leave all the confusion at bay regarding wearing push-up bras and boobs lift-up tape and check out these products. Look comfortable while making your boobs look fuller by choosing Niidor adhesive bras.


1. Niidor Push Up Bra


No doubt, a good-quality push up bralette is an instant way to get a fuller cup size. For example, this Niidor Push Up Bra has everything that you need to make your boobs fuller in no time. It is made of skin-friendly, sticky silicone adhesive that keeps your breasts in a comfortable position while providing the right lift that you need.


This adhesive push up bra is easy to wear and doesn’t require extra effort to peel off. The bra has a V-shape design that helps push your boobs with a little pull to give sexy cleavage. Show off your beautiful chest curve in style with this amazing product.


Moreover, this bra has a lightweight design, doesn’t sag, raises your chest, and doesn’t cause any type of skin irritation. Apart from that, it is easy to clean and reusable many times if you take proper care.


2. Niidor Breast Lift Up Tape


Boob tape or breast lift-up tape provides you with the right pushup and lift to achieve the perfect cleavage that you are looking for. Niidor Breast Lift Up Tape is comfortable and doesn’t leave traces on your skin even after removing them.


Unlike ordinary products, Niidor breast tapes stick on your delicate skin without causing itchy rashes. It provides you with an invisible and natural feel that makes you confident whenever you wear them. In addition, they are sweat-proof and breathable.


Besides, they won’t fall off or become loose because of sweating. As such, you don’t have to worry about wearing them in humid conditions. With great elasticity, this multi-functional tape lifts your boobs and makes them look fuller in less time.




So, it is evident that you don’t have to go through a rigorous process to make your breasts fuller. There are lots of ways through which you can make your boobs appear bigger naturally. If you are looking for a long-term solution to make your breasts fuller, the above-mentioned ways should work wonders.


However, choosing to wear push-up bras or lift-up breast tapes are some of the beauty hacks that you can choose. Investing in these items brings you visible results and they should be a part of any closet. They give your boobs the necessary support and the lift you need from them.


So, make sure to include them in your collection. Still, if you want to explore other products, don’t hesitate to visit Niidor. They are the pioneers when it comes to producing high-quality products that give your boobs the right lift and support.


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