How to Clean Nipple Covers: A Comprehensive Guide

Nipple covers (aka pasties) first arose as a part of burlesque entertainment. While they can still be a sexy part of a risque outfit or costume today, they don't have to be. You can also just wear them on days when you want coverage but don't want a bra.

There are many different kinds of nipple covers. If you search for "nipple covers near me" you'll get costume pasties, disposable pasties, reusable pasties, and more. Many prefer to use reusable pasties as they're less environmentally impactful.

We also offer reusable versions of our Niidor Nipple Covers. The downside is that you need to clean these pasties. You'll run into a lot of issues if you don't do this.

But cleaning pasties isn't as hard as you may think. Read on to get the full scoop on how to clean nipple covers.

Why Clean Nipple Covers?


Cleaning nipple covers is important for the same reason it's important to clean clothes. They get gross!

Skin Cells

A lot of gunk will stick to that adhesive paste. Even if you clean your nipples before you wear them (and you should), remember that humans shed skin cells. All those skin cells are going to stick right to the adhesive.


There's also the matter of sweat. Even if you wear our Niidor Nipple Covers under clothing, sweat's still gonna drip onto them. With that sweat will come dirt and other junk from the rest of your body.


The adhesive paste pasties are famous for not being able to work when they're covered in debris. You'll find that dirty nipple covers stop working after some time. You need to clean all that gunk off the adhesive so it can resume business as usual.

How Often Should You Clean Nipple Covers?

As important as it is to wash our Niidor Nipple Covers, you should try to limit the number of times that you wash them. Washing too often can degrade the adhesive paste and make the pasties unable to stick.

Try to wash them only after there's a good amount of debris on them or you've taken part in an activity that dirties them up. If you wear them regularly, consider creating a schedule for your pasty-washing sessions. For example, you could clean your nipple covers once every week.

Materials Needed to Clean Nipple Covers

You'll be far from breaking the bank when you get the materials together to clean your pasties. You only need three simple things along with your Niidor Nipple Covers.

Lukewarm Water

You should get lukewarm water from the sink. You may, however, find some success in using a bowl or another water container full of lukewarm water. But this guide will assume that you're using running lukewarm sink water.

Gentle Bar Soap or Face Cleanser

You need to use the gentlest soap you can find to clean your nipple covers. Anything too harsh will dissolve the adhesive paste.

Your Fingers

You may feel tempted to use a sponge or cloth to clean your pasties. This isn't a good idea. Harsh surfaces can wipe away the adhesive.

Use your fingers for cleaning instead. They're nice and soft!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Nipple Covers

Gather your Niidor Nipple Covers and soap of choice. Go to the sink in your bathroom or kitchen. Start the water and adjust its temperature to your preference.

Then you can begin.

1. Run the Nipple Covers Under the Water

Doing this should remove most of the dirt and debris. You should also gently rub the surface of your nipple covers while you do this. Make sure you get both sides.

2. Lather Up the Soap

Create a lather in your hands. Use this lather on your nipple covers. This should help you get rid of any smell, sweat, or oil that may have built up on your nipple covers.

3. Rinse Away the Soap

Remove any lather that's left over after your gentle scrubbing. You may want to run your nipple covers under the water a few times to make sure that you get everything. If you leave too much soap behind, you may find that your nipple covers won't stick.

4. Let Your Pasties Dry

You can now put the pasties somewhere safe and wait for them to dry. Make sure that the place you put them in is dust free. Once you place them there, let them dry for around half an hour or so.

Extra Tips For Maintaining Nipple Covers

Along with keeping your Niidor Nipple Covers fresh and clean, you also need to make sure to maintain them in other ways. Consider trying these techniques:

  • Replace the protective cover after using
  • Clean nipples before applying pasties
  • Wear tight clothing with nipple covers

Try Our Niidor Nipple Covers

When your Niidor Nipple Covers are fresh and clean, they'll be functional and comfortable. If you want them to be with you for a long time, you want to make sure that they'll support your needs for that entire time.

Of course, you may still struggle if you choose poor-quality nipple covers. To get the most out of your purchase, you'll need to get the best nipple covers possible. Our Niidor Nipple Covers can be those nipple covers for you.

Take a look at our choices on this page. You will find the nipple covers you need.


As a bonus, here are some questions that people often ask about nipple covers. We'll answer some of them for you below.

How Can I Remove Adhesive Residue?

Try taking a hot shower to get rid of the adhesive left behind on your breast. You can also try taking a cotton ball, soaking it with baby oil, and rubbing it on your nipple.

Will Acne Develop Under Nipple Covers?

It shouldn't, but your skin may react to the adhesive. If you have sensitive skin, stick the nipple cover to the underside of your arm before you stick it on your nipple. See if there is a reaction.

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