Adhesive Bras – Complete Guide

1. How does an adhesive bra work?

Self-adhesive bras are new style bras that may be unfamiliar to most women, but they were originated in 2002 by the brand Nubra. Almost a history of 20 years!

When you hear self-adhesive bra, silicone bra, stick-on bra, sticky bra, Nubra(the brand that invented the adhesive bra), you should know that these are all the same things. You should not ignore the word “adhesive” because this type of bra is layered with adhesive lining inside the bra cup, and the stickiness is what makes it possible to stick to your chest.

Adhesive bras are normally invisible, seamless. Most of them are designed without binding straps on the shoulder or at back, so more and more women become to enjoy the freedom and comfort that new style bras bring.

Most women own tricky clothing that they don’t know which type of bra to match with, such as off-shoulder, spaghetti, backless, halter, low cut, deep v, etc. There is no doubt that adhesive bras are the problem solvers! One adhesive bra is great for various clothing.  

2. Types of adhesive bras

2.1 Pure silicone


Pure silicone sticky bras mean the material of the bra is all silicone, both inside and outside.

For small breasts, a silicone cup with high thickness is the best. In this way, your breasts look larger.

For large breasts, please avoid a thick silicone bra because that will make your breasts look larger. Turn to light bra instead.

Compared with an adhesive bra with outer fabric, pure silicone bras are less breathable but more supportive and steady.

2.2 Outer fabric


Outside of the cup is made of fabric, and that’s an outer fabric adhesive bra.

Compared with pure silicone bras, this type of bra is more lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

2.3 Deep u / v plunge


If you are choosing bras for a deep u plunge dress, you can go with stick-on bras with a deep u or v design in front.

2.4 Front closure

2.4.1 Front clasp


The front clasp allows you to gather your breasts up easily.

2.4.2 Front drawstrings


Drawstrings in the front enable you to alter your breast shape as per your own request.

The more strings, the more steady the adhesive bra is.

2.5 Breathable holes


Some girls complain that an adhesive bra with a fabric cup is still not breathable enough, so manufacturers come up with bras with holes in order to let boobs breathe.

2.6 Straps


There are silicone bras with back or shoulder straps. As is known to all, the stickiness of adhesive bras decreases due to sweat. If you want your bras to stay up for a longer time, you can choose those with back or shoulder straps.

2.7 Padded

Triangle Shape Silicone Bra Inserts Enhancement Pads - Niidor

Some sticky bras are padded so as to make boobs look larger, and they are designed for small boobs.

2.8 Nipple covers


Nipple covers have two types, one type with pure silicone, the other with half fabric, and half silicone. Fabric ones are more breathable than the silicone version.  

3. Material

What glue do they use on a self silicone adhesive bra?

AB glue

It can be used 30-50 times when it is applied directly without being roasted.

If being roasted, it can be used 100 times.

The difference between AB gel and medical-grade glue is that AB glue produces bubbles during application and it has humidity.

Medical grade glue

Medical grade silicone is the silicone used on most adhesive bras, and it doesn’t contain bubbles. Good medical silicone doesn’t fall off with sweat.


Super glue is stickier than biological glue, but it hurts skin more easily if it doesn’t have a special design.

Super glue normally emits an unpleasant smell, but biological glue doesn’t. This is also how you can distinguish between super glue and biological glue.

Biological glue

Biological glue belongs to medical-grade glue. The biggest advantage of biological glue is that it absorbs sweat. Biological glue is sticky, but it won’t pull the skin. Good biological glue has a lifespan of 3000 times around.

How to tell if an adhesive bra is made of good quality gel?

You can tell this from the material and colors.


Low-quality adhesive bras present shaded and uneven colors, but high-quality ones have bright and even colors. This is because high-quality adhesive bras are normally made from eco-friendly biological glue with high purity of silicone. High-quality bras are naturally integrated, and they don’t emit unpleasant colors or harmful substances.

4. Sizing

How does adhesive bra sizing work?

Adhesive bras are chosen by cup size like A, B, C, D, E, F, etc, and the cup size is based on your regular bra cup size.

It is recommended that you size 1-2 cup sizes down so that your breasts are gathered well.

Niidor provides a size helper to help you simply calculate the adhesive bra size basing on your basic body size.

5. Do they fall off? Will my adhesive bra fall off from sweat?

If you wear it right and firm, then it won’t fall off. However, the adhesive bras may fall off over the decreasing of the adhesiveness.

The stickiness will be decreased when you sweat.

6. Is adhesive bra seamless and invisible?


Adhesive bras are seamless because most of them are molded cups. They are invisible because most of them are in beige color.

7. Are they made for small breasts or large breasts?


Most girls with large boobs are reluctant to try adhesive bras, but you can choose one with 1-2 cup sizing down.

Silicone adhesive bras push small breasts up because their cup is always thick, but silicone bras do not fit large breasts well because the bras will make boobs larger.

For small breasts, almost any type of adhesive bra is great.

For large breasts, silicone bras are not that good. You may choose lightly padded silicone bras or bras with straps or side wings.

8. What dresses are they good for?


A lot!

Adhesive bras are invisible under many clothes like halter, spaghetti, off-shoulder, backless, or other tricky tops/dresses.

See the stars on the red carpet? How do they wear the backless / off-shoulder dress without showing bra out? The secret is the adhesive bras.

9. How to wear?

How long can you wear the bra?

We suggest that you wear the adhesive bra for less than about 6-8 hours.

It is not advisable to wear an adhesive silicone bra for more than 8 hours as it can lead to skin irritation and rashes as the product is glued to your skin.

How to wear the bra?


Step 1: Clean your chest area

This step seems easy, but its importance can’t be neglected.  

You need to gently wash your chest area with mild soap and water to remove any oil or residue remaining on your skin, then use a soft towel to wipe dry your skin.


Please do not apply any lotion, perfume, powder, oil, or any other body care product before you wear the bra as those things will affect the stickiness of the bra.  

Step 2: Separate both cups, and remove the plastic film on the bra.

Step 3: Turn the cup inside out.

Step 4: Stand in a mirror, and lean forward for 45 degrees. Then position to the side and point clasps 45 degrees downward. Lift the bra up, then smooth outward.


If you want enhanced cleavage, position far away, which is more than 45 degrees downward.

Leave a 2-3 fingers distance between the bra cup bottom line and bust bottom line.

Step 5: Connect front closure

Step 6: Press the cups to guarantee that the bra sticks on firmly

How to remove?

Step 1: Unfasten the front closure.

Step 2: Slowly peel the bra off from top to bottom.


Do not pull or rip the bra off, peel the bra gently.

If you have difficulty removing the bra, try holding a warm, damp cloth over the area for a few minutes to soften the adhesive. 

10. Will it cause pain when you peel the bra off?

The key point is to choose a high-quality adhesive bra. Good quality adhesive bras won’t cause pain when you peel them off in the right way.

11. When is the time to buy new adhesive bras?

When the adhesive bra often falls off and no longer sticks to your skin, it’s time to buy a new one.

12. Care / Wash / Storage

When to wash the bra?

Sticky bras should be washed soon after each wear.

What are the washing steps?

We suggest that you hand wash the adhesive bras, and please do not put it in the washing machine.

Step 1: Wet the adhesive side of the cup with lukewarm water, then apply mild detergent or soap onto the cup surface. You could buy special detergents for adhesive bras, too.

Step 2: Gently rub the cup with a finger bulb in a circular motion.

Note: Do not use fingernails or sharp things to contact the bra in order to avoid any scratch to the cup surface.  

Step 3: Rinse off foam or any remaining residue on the cup.

Step 4: Gently shake off the water remaining on the bra cup.

Step 5: Line dry in a cool, dustless place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Note: Please do not use a towel, hairdryer, or brush to dry.

The adhesive side should be put in the opposite position to avoid them sticking together.

Step 6: After the bra dries, reapply the plastic film to prevent any dust accumulation.


Store it in a storage bag/box for next use.  

Please do not put the adhesive bra together with clothes or towels, or fibers will stick to the bra.


* If something sticks on the bra cup, you may use your fingers to pick it out.

* Adhesive bras are not recommended for women with sensitive skin.

* If your chest area has injury, pain, rash, sunburn, please do not use the adhesive bra. If pain or rash appears after you wear the bra, stop using it. If the pain still exists, please go to your doctor for help.

13. How many times can an adhesive bra be used?

This depends on the level of care.

Good stick-on bras can be used 50-80 times around, while inferior ones can be used only several times.

Never leave your bra after a night out and wash it the second day.   

For the most use make sure you are not wearing lotions and creams on your breast area as this will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive bra.

14. Health effects

Inferior material on the adhesive bra may cause rashes on the skin, but good quality material won’t.

As long as you care about the bra right, wear it right, and it’s all good.  

* Wash the bra soon after each wear.

* Do not wear an adhesive bra for more than 8 hours a day. Let your boobs breathe for a while.