How Does a Niidor Adhesive Bra Work? A Closer Look

Reports have shown the growing demand for strapless and backless bras for women entering the workforce. This report indicates that this is far more than a trend and is something that will continue to grow in demand.

More and more women are starting to try out adhesive bras like Niidor adhesive bra options. Not only are these comfortable and freeing, but they are also very versatile.

Niidor bras can be worn to any occasion, whether you are going for a night on the town or on your way to work. They are versatile and can suit any wardrobe.

Keep reading to find out everything that you need to know about Niidor adhesive bras.

What Is a Niidor Adhesive Bra?

A Niidor adhesive bra is a type of sticky bra that has an adhesive that allows it to stick to your chest. This creates a bra that can be backless and strapless, while still supporting you.

These bras are seamless, allowing you to wear them without any visible lines showing through your clothing. They are also ideal for sheer blouses as they are typically flesh-colored and will not be visible.

These types of bras are easy to use for all women and can be easily stuck to your chest for comfort and support. Now you don't have to suffer through tight or restrictive bras that dig into your skin.

How Are Niidor Adhesive Bras Used?

These types of bras are typically used for clothing that otherwise wouldn't work with a traditional bra. This includes things like strapless tops and dresses or off-the-shoulder shirts.

This bra fit is invisible, allowing you to wear all kinds of clothing without having your bra showing. Adhesive bras also work with low-cut dresses or tops that might otherwise reveal a normal style of bra.

Any woman could benefit from owning one of these best bra options as they can make wearing what you want easier. Many women have started to wear these best bras more as they are invisible with anything that you wear.

Types of Bras You Can Choose From

Adhesive bras have come a long way and are now available in all kinds of styles and materials. These styles allow you more freedom when picking out the right bra for your lifestyle.

Some Niidor adhesive bra options are more suitable for bigger or smaller chests or for different types of clothing. This makes it easier to find exactly what you need in an adhesive bra.


Silicone adhesive bras are made completely of silicone and tend to make breasts look larger. They are extra sticky and will leave you feeling secure all day long, even without straps.


Plunging adhesive bras are designed for clothing that has a low neckline. These bras usually have a U or V-shaped indent in the center to accommodate low necklines without revealing the bra.

Front Closures

Niidor adhesive bra options also come with front closures that you can choose from. This includes bras with clasp or drawstring front closures that can help you to adjust how your breasts sit in the cups.

Keep in mind that an adhesive bra with drawstrings could show through your clothing, depending on the fabric.


Some silicone bras come with clear strips to give you extra support. Silicone bras tend to lose their stickiness as you sweat throughout the day, which could cause your breasts to not be as supported.

Straps can help to keep your breasts up if you plan on wearing your silicone bra for a long period of time.


Some Niidor adhesive bras are padded so that they can accommodate smaller breasts. This is ideal if you have a smaller cup size but still want to wear an adhesive bra and have a full-looking chest.

These best bras can also help you to fill out shirts that may not naturally fit your chest very well.

Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are in the same category as silicone bras as they are usually made of silicone and cover your breasts, though there are some nipple covers made with half silicone and half fabric so that they are breathable.

These come in all sizes and are extra sticky to help prevent your nipples from being visible through your shirt. They are not made to provide support, but rather give you more security if you decide to go braless.

Outer Fabric

Some adhesive bras are made with a silicone cup, but the outside is made with fabric. This creates a lightweight adhesive bra that is breathable and more comfortable than a pure silicone bra.

This bra will feel less bulky and is best for when you will be wearing it for a long period of time.

When Do You Need an Adhesive Bra?

Most women could benefit from having one or two adhesive bras in their bra collection. This is because a Niidor adhesive bra provides more options than a traditional bra can.

This type of bra is necessary for specific pieces of clothing if you want to avoid having your bra exposed. This usually applies to clothing with a low neckline or a plunging neckline in the back.

You should also wear an adhesive bra if you have clothing that exposes your shoulders or is completely sleeveless. This type of bra will help your clothing to look more put together and stylish.

Adhesive bras have been used for special occasions for a long time, but more women are starting to wear them more regularly. This is because they give you more freedom with your clothing without sacrificing your comfort.

How Does a Niidor Adhesive Bra Work?

A Niidor adhesive bra can be a great bra option for any woman with any style. These bras are highly versatile and come in all styles and materials so that you have the options that you need.

This makes it easier than ever to find an adhesive bra that fits your body, while still providing comfort.

Are you trying to find the right kind of adhesive bra for you? Contact us today at Niidor to see which of our adhesive bras is the right fit for you.

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