Why do I hate wearing bra with bra band?

Women have a love and hate relationship with bras. In the lockdown, women found relief in the fact that they can escape from the confinement of the bra. Women literally have worn masks more than a bra. Pandemic has changed the outlook on bras for good. Even women with larger chests used to go braless in public. But post-pandemic, this situation changed again and women started buying more bras.

What is the main reason behind the non-willingness of women to wear a bra? The main reason is the bra straps! Straps cage the breasts inside the bra which ultimately results in discomfort, pain, and unwanted show of straps. Women want to go braless which is absolutely fine, but, yet again the truth is their breasts feel secure in a place, and no show of nipples occurs if they wear a bra while going out for work, for working out, or for traveling.

Women even face problems with the bra straps when they plan to wear a backless dress, tube outfit, or a shoulderless top. The peaking, uncomfortable bra straps in this case are totally uncalled for.

What are the major disadvantages of bras with straps or bands?

Women do not want their breasts to be harnessed by straps anymore. Women who choose to wear bras and who feel more confident in one have to go through a lot of trouble, especially with the bra straps. Bras should indicate healthy breasts, self-care, and comfort, not any patriarchal standards.

  • Bra straps occasionally give back pain, as tight straps squeeze and create too much pressure on your breasts. This generally happens when you have the wrong size of bra or when the bra strap is excessively tight and it leads to discomfort and pain. Subsequently, if you do not wear a bra or if your straps are way too loose then your breasts might jump and bounce throughout the day which can also be equally or more painful if you have heavy breasts.
  • Straps of bras can chaff your shoulders or cause rashes. Straps are made to distribute the weight of the breasts across the shoulders and back but it ultimately rubs against your skin leading to rashes and chaffing. Tight straps can also cause pain that can eventually lead to permanent back and neck pain.
  • Pain in your shoulder, back, and neck can affect the posture of your body. It might cause your shoulders to droop or your back gets bent or curved. A bad posture can affect the whole body in the ways like clenched jaw, facial muscle tightening, headache, shortness of breath, and jaw pain. Bad body posture can affect your confidence as well.
  • Tight bra straps can compress the breasts and block the airflow of the whole bra causing breast sweats that might lead to infections and rashes.
  • What is worse than trying to enjoy your life to the fullest and suddenly getting struck by the reality that your bra strap is sliding downwards the belly button? Every woman has faced this at least once in their life. Bra straps are also annoying when they peak out of your dress like a backless or a tube top. Straps constantly play peek-a-boo while you repeatedly try to tuck it under your dress.

Is there any solution to the discomfort of bra straps?

Yes! You are at the correct place where we will solve bra strap or bra band problems for you.

Welcome to Niidor’s world of strapless bras. Niidor is one of the most popular bra brands that make backless bras and adhesive bras for more than 10 years. They are specialized in creating nipple covers, adhesive bras, bra inserts, and many more. Niidor dedicatedly provides the most comfortable and best strapless bras for every breast-sized woman. They believe that bras can also be comfortable which will make every woman confident.

Like any other undergarment, a strapless bra that works best for your friend might result in a tragedy for you. A bra entirely depends on the body type and preferences but thanks to Niidor for their endless possibilities and countless options. Are you searching for a bra that provides good support, a seamless bra, a push-up bra, or even a bra of plunging style? Well, do not worry, you will find everything at Niidor.


What are the top strapless bras offered by Niidor?

Nipple cover

Niidor’s silicon nipple covers help to conceal the nipples but in a cautious way. Nipple covers are ideal for low-cut and backless dresses. You can simply stick the covers onto your nipples and they will remain stuck and secure throughout the day. When your day is over, simply peel them up from your nipples and wash them with your hands. You can use any mild detergent along with warm water for washing them.


Features of Niidor nipple covers are: They are of nude shade which helps them to blend with the color of your skin, reusable (as many times required), medical-grade silicone material is used, a hundred percent seamless or invisible, easy to wash (hand washes with mild detergent), and they can be carried effortlessly in your purse.

Niidor adhesive fabric bra or Sticky bra

Niidor strapless, backless, and stick-on bra is a combination of a padded bra and a nipple cover. This will give you the right coverage and support that you need to feel confident, comfortable, and sexy. They will provide your breasts with a natural lift which will ultimately accentuate your figure under the tops and dresses. Thus, bra straps will no more play peek-a-boo through your favorite dresses.


They are easy or simple to wear, you just have to stick the inner layer of silicon to your breast’s skin and the outer fabric layer will keep everything in place perfectly without any breast spillage or any discomfort.

Niidor sticky or adhesive bras are available in A to F cup sizes. Important features of these bras are:

They are backless and strapless. It provides maximum support, and moderate coverage (nipple covers are included). It is a hundred percent seamless bra that is not visible underneath clothes. The inner adhesive cup is made of silicon material and the bra’s outer part is made of eighty percent nylon and twenty percent spandex. It is made with a non-slip design that ensures to enjoy yourself without going to the restroom now and then to adjust your bra.

Different types of sticky bras available on Niidor are: Sticky fabric bra with front closure mechanism, stick-on silicon wing style bra, silicon adhesive strapless bra cups, sticky bunny ear nipple covers, push-up adhesive lace bra, adhesive silicon lift-up pasties bra, large nipple cover silicon sticky bras, push-up sticky bra with breathable fabric, reusable nipple adhesive covers, reusable invisible fabric sticky bras, backless fabric invisible adhesive bra, nude fabric adhesive backless bra, and mocha backless stick-on fabric bra.

Adhesive or sticky silicone bra

 This will give your breasts a seamless fit and natural look and have a wide range of cup sizes ranging from A to G. Adhesive silicone bra is a type of clip-and-stick-on bra that helps in accentuating your figure under your favorite tops and dresses with no bra straps in sight. These are must-have party lingerie that allows you to don your backless gowns and low-neck tops. You do not have to even compromise on breast coverage and breast support.


Niidor has created these bras with premium-grade silicone material. Therefore, there are no chances of rashes or discomfort. It comes with a seamless finish which makes it invisible beneath your low-cut outfits.

Important features of adhesive silicon bras are: These are backless and strapless, made with a hundred percent medical-grade silicone, contain an invisible clasp with a plunge neck design, provides medium coverage, has a non-slip design, it is totally seamless, and offers maximum support possible.

Benefits of using strapless bras

  • No peeking of bra straps thus, no fashion disaster.
  • Say goodbye to skin rashes and skin chaffing.
  • It relieves back pain and helps you to maintain a good posture.
  • It is easy to wear and maintain.
  • This type of bra is perfect for low neck, tube top, shoulder-less and backless dresses.
  • Strapless bras provide great support. It is a myth that strapless bras won’t give you good support. Invest in a good strapless bra from Niidor and keep your worries at bay.
  • These bras have huge availability. It is a sheer myth that adhesive bras are only meant for women with smaller breasts or smaller cup sizes. The truth is that they are available in various sizes and shapes in order to meet the requirements of different breast types i.e. XS to plus size. Niidor provides different sizes, coverage, and colors and an adhesive strapless bra can help you to meet the requirement of every individual woman.


We hope you have found each answer to all your problems regarding an adhesive or strapless bra. Now, as you are quite familiar with the advantages of adhesive or strapless bras, don your sexy, fashionable backless dress with great confidence.

Strapless bras can be the perfect solution for many of your wardrobe malfunctions. Niidor strapless bras will prevent the expansion of the breast area very effectively, make your breasts look fuller, and also make your chest area look deeper. These bras stick very easily without any difficulty or hassle, without causing any irritation or pain. They do not fall off and give a soft seamless feeling as well. They allow your breasts to breathe freely, they are lightweight, seamless, and comfortable to wear.

So women, do not let your bra bands spoil your comfort, outfit, and occasion. Go strapless with Niidor!



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