Invisible bra: your complete guide on how to apply clear strap, strapless and adhesive bras

For many of us, invisible bra often means the adhesive bra. But it’s not your only option when you want to rock that nude bra illusion. You can also opt for a full bra with clear straps or a strapless invisible bra1.

All these three options serve the same purpose. They are meant to make you appear like you are not wearing any bra at all. This can come in handy in many ways.

For one, some outfits like strapless dresses and low-cut tops typically don’t conceal bras or bra straps. To prevent people from seeing what you’re wearing beneath your drop-dead dress, blouse or top, you can choose to apply an invisible bra. Here’s a complete guide on how to wear each type:


clear strap bra

How to wear a bra with clear straps

Bras with clear straps are pretty common. They are just like ordinary bras; except they have invisible bra straps1 (or what you would call see-through straps).

These straps are usually very thin and can fit beneath clothes with narrow sleeves. As such, they are among the best invisible bra options for spaghetti strap dresses. And since they are just like your typical bras, they offer comfort and the best support for your girls.

Wearing a bra with invisible straps is pretty much like wearing any normal bra. Here’s a guide on how to apply it correctly in three steps:

 clear strap black bra

Step 1: Lean down slightly

When you lean on, you allow your breasts to fit and settle into your bra cups. You can jiggle the breasts slightly to ensure they fully and comfortably settle.


Step 2: Hook the clasps

Not just one clasp, all of them! A good number of ladies make a habit of hooking just one bra clasp. The problem with this is that your bra will only offer partial support of the breasts. And chances are you will develop rashes and aches5.

To avoid such possibilities, make sure that you hook all the clasps. The bra should not be too tight or too loose. Instead, make sure it fits you comfortably and its band sits flat on your back, parallel to the ground5.

 clear strap bra- adjusting the clear strap

Step 3: adjust your clear invisible bra straps

Bras with clear straps are perhaps the best invisible bras because – well, they have straps. Nothing beats the support and lift you get from bra straps. Make sure they are fastened and adjusted to fit your shoulders.

If you tie your bra straps too tight, you may experience shoulder and back aches. On the other hand, loose bra straps may constantly fall off your shoulders. Therefore, make sure they fit comfortably enough that you can easily slide two fingers underneath them.

 strapless bra

How to wear a strapless bra

Strapless invisible bras are basically full bras, but without straps. Actually, many of them come with removable straps. So, you can choose to wear them either as full bras or strapless invisible bras2.

Since they lack the support of straps, strapless bras often have additional features like underwire support or extra padding. Whatever the case, they are generally ideal for spaghetti strap dresses as well as dresses with no straps at all.

wearing strapless bra

Wearing a strapless bra is pretty straightforward. Simply wear the cups around your breasts and hook all the clasps for maximum support. If you are shopping for an invisible bra plus size, you will want to opt for one that has a wide band and more hooks for that extra support.

As is the case with regular bras, the support your girls get from strapless bras comes from the band3. That’s what keeps your breasts up. You generally don’t need straps as long as the band fits you well – even for regular bras3.

strapless bra write

How to choose the best strapless invisible bra

There are a few things you can do to ensure you have the best clear strap invisible bra:

· Get a bra that fits you. Many women wear the wrong size bra without even knowing. Don’t be one of them. Instead, find out your exact bra size and get a strapless invisible bra of that size.

· Check that the band is your size. Apart from the bra itself, you also want to ensure that the band fits you comfortably. That’s where most of your bust’s weight will rest.

· Consider one with no-slip grip. Some of the best strapless invisible bras are those with a silicon elastic at the back and cup edges. The silicon provides a non-slip grip, ensuring that your bra doesn’t travel downwards.

· Check the boning. Boning refers to the inserts found on the band of a bra. In addition to retaining its structure, boning also provides support for breasts. You generally want a strapless bra with soft padding so that it doesn’t get uncomfortable.

 adhesive bra black

How to wear an adhesive bra

Also known as a backless invisible bra or simply backless bra, an adhesive bra lacks straps and a back. It essentially sticks to your body using a silicon adhesive. This is why adhesive bras are at times known as silicon bras.

One of the best features of adhesive bras is that they can substitute push-up bras. That’s because they typically offer a breast lift1.

Backless invisible bras go well with backless dresses, but you can wear them with pretty much anything. They are the closest thing to an invisible bra tape or boob tape.

Some invisible adhesive bras are designed to look like breasts, allowing you to pull a nude illusion look. Someone would think you are not wearing any bra at all. That may be a great look, depending on the impression you desire to pull.

With that in mind, here’s how to apply adhesive invisible bra for backless dress:

 cleaning before wearing a bra

Step 1: Clean off your hands and breasts

You want clean hands before handling your adhesive invisible bra. Otherwise, you may transfer some oil and dirt to the bra, making it hard to stick on your body4.

That’s also the reason behind cleaning your breasts and chest. If they are oily and even slightly dirty, chances are your adhesive bra won’t stick on for long.

Make sure to dry off completely before wearing your invisible bra. Do not apply any oil or lotion. Traces of water, moisture and oils can weaken the adhesive.

 applying adhesive bra

Step 2: Apply the invisible bra

If you are wearing it for the first time, your invisible silicon bra will have plastic protectors on the adhesive sides of both cups. Peel off the protectors gently and store them somewhere. You will need them again when storing the bra.

Now, apply each cup at a time so that the adhesive side faces your boobs. Make sure the undergarment firmly presses against your skin. If it has padding for the nipple, you will want to rest your nipple right where the padding is.

The bra doesn’t need to sit below your breast as is the case with a normal bra. At the same time, you shouldn’t feel like the it’s pulling your breast downward towards the stomach. Otherwise, your boobs will look saggy4.

To get the best look, try leaning on slightly and then applying the bra cup from the bottom. Gently bring it upwards until you get the boob lift that you want.

 adhesive bra connect the clap to close

Step 3: Connect the cups

Different types of invisible adhesive bras have different ways of connecting their cups in the front closure. The most common types of connectors are clasp, lace and fabric connectors4.

Some silicon bras do not have a cup connector at all. In this case, simply apply the cups so that they sit level on both boobs. Otherwise, one breast might sit higher than the other.

Some adhesive bras also come with attachable wings. This is especially the case for invisible bra plus size, because they need the extra strength to support a well-endowed bust.

If your bra has wings, apply them one at a time by pressing them against your skin. Start from the side of your breast and work your way to the back. It won’t cover your entire breast and back; just about a quarter of your back and a touch of your boob.

 black sticky bra applying

Step 4: Re-apply the adhesive bra if you have to

At times you just won’t get it right with one try. That’s especially the case if you are new to invisible bra for low cut dresses. Don’t be afraid to remove and readjust the cups until they fit comfortably.

Simply peel them off one at a time, top to bottom. Adjust each one by gently pulling it upwards until you find the best look for your girls.

Doing this several times may weaken the adhesive. You may need to wash them up to make it sticky again.

 one side sticky bra

Step 5: Don’t fret!

Don’t worry about your adhesive bra falling off. Chances are, it won’t. This sounds easier said than done, more so if you are new to backless invisible bras.

The truth is, they are actually very secure when applied correctly. Train your hands to not instinctively feel your chest in a bid to confirm that the bra is still firmly in place. Over time you will start wearing your stick-on bra and going about your business without having a thought about it.


Where to get the best invisible bra

One secret to having your invisible bra stay firmly in place is to choose a good bra from the get go. Always opt for a reputable brand, and make sure you choose the right size for your girlies.

Niidor has a good range of invisible bras designed for the modern woman. Pick from a variety of colors and sizes to match your dynamic fashion needs. There is a size helper on site to help you determine the best invisible bra for you.








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